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10 Customisable Gift Ideas



As an Australian based print and design service specialising in personalisation, we are your go-to business when it comes to customisable gifts. There’s only one thing better than receiving a thoughtful gift from a loved one – and that’s giving a gift like that yourself!

The smile on a loved one’s face when they see the amount of thought and effort that went into a personalised gift is something that can never be forgotten, and it’s worth going the extra mile for.

Thankfully, with our print and design service, it’s not actually very difficult to get a personalised gift for someone special. No matter what occasion is coming up, we have all the gift ideas you could possibly need. Keep reading below or have a browse through our website to find more.

1. Custom cake toppers

Almost all special occasions have a cake to celebrate, so if you’re responsible for coordinating the dessert, make sure you order a personalised cake topper.

2. Personalised door mats

Your door mat is the first time you get to make an impression to guests, so it seems fitting to have it personalised. If gifting a door mat, you might want to visit your loved one’s house first to see what sort of style they already have and like. From there, you can create a sweet, personalised version.

3. Personalised puzzles

As soon as Winter kicks in, everyone wants to snuggle up indoors and enjoy some relaxed family activities. A personalised puzzle is a fun way to do just that.

4. Wood photo prints

Decorating a home is easy with our beautiful wood photo prints. They are an elegant and thoughtful gift to anyone you love.

5. Custom kitchen boards

Personalised serving boards are becoming increasingly popular in households across Australia, and they are a great gift to anyone who enjoys entertaining with cheese platters.

6. Personalised cupcake toppers

We mentioned cake toppers Australia before, but cupcake toppers can do the job too! Browse our website for more cupcake topper inspiration.

7. Name plaques

Don’t know what a name plaque is? Take a look on our website. Name plaques are ideal for decorating a room or using during an event. If you don’t want to print a name, you can chat to our team about a longer personalised message or slogan.

8. Printed keyrings

Everyone needs a keyring, but why make it boring? Create a fun, personalised key ring with Avanti Print and put a smile on the face of your loved one every time they go to pick up their keys.

9. Custom kitchen aprons

Personalised kitchen aprons are a fun and creative gift to give someone you love. We’ve created all sorts of aprons in the past, with many people taking the opportunity to print funny text on them.

10. Anything else – get creative!

If none of the above ideas tickle your fancy, you can get creative yourself. With advanced printing technology, almost anything is customisable. Start researching online or simply walk around your home to see what gadgets you think would be great when personalised.

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