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12 Reasons To Use Cake Toppers At Your Next Event


1. Cake toppers Australia are an easy way to personalise your event. Custom cake toppers can be made by print and design companies across Australia, allowing you to have a tailor-made design on your special day.
2. Stylish cake toppers will impress your guests. Old-fashioned and boring cake toppers won’t do you any favours in terms of impressing your guests, but a unique and stylish cake topper is sure to have them interested if not jealous!
3. Custom cake toppers can be developed to complement your existing décor. At Avanti Print, our team can craft personalised cake toppers that match your overall event theme.
4. Cake toppers Australia can suit a range of occasions and celebrations. We can tailor make your cake toppers to suit birthday celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, religious celebrations or events, corporate functions, bridal showers, and more.
5. Cake toppers Australia can be used as a home décor item after the event is finished. Many people choose to use their modern cake topper as a decoration throughout their home once the event has concluded. It can act as a stylish table feature or feature within a vase.
6. Contemporary cake toppers can be reused. Unlike edible cake toppers, our specialty metallic cake toppers can be kept and used for future events. If anyone in your family has a celebration with a cake, your pre-purchased topper can have a second use. Most cake toppers are durable, and some designs are timeless, so they can be used again and again.
7. Your cake toppers can match your other decorations. We can design unique cake toppers that match your bridal shower name hoops, social distancing decals, script name plaques, sneeze guards, and other decorative items.
8. Cake toppers are one of the most affordable decorative items for events. Some event decorations can get expensive, however cake toppers are a small, simple and meaningful decoration that won’t break the budget.
9. Cake toppers are a fun and admirable tradition. Most people can agree that cake toppers are an indispensable item. Cake toppers have been used for centuries to celebrate and commemorate birthdays and weddings.
10. A quality cake topper can make a simple cake look fancy. If you don’t have a large budget for your birthday cake or wedding cake, you can jazz up a smaller or simpler cake with a premium cake topper.
11. There are cake topper options for all sorts of desserts. If you have chosen to have cupcakes rather than an official cake at your event, there are even cupcake toppers available from most event decoration companies. The team at Avanti Print can even produce customised cupcake toppers.
12. A personalised cake topper is a sure way to make your guests smile. There’s nothing better than being able to personalise your event, and a custom cake topper is a unique opportunity to allow your cake to speak volumes about you. Your personalised logo, words or image will help the cake fit in perfectly with the rest of your occasion.

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