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17 Wedding Decorations You’ve Never Thought Of

Wedding Decorations


  1. Wedding cake toppers. Without a personalised cake topper Australia, your wedding cake will have no flair or personality. We’re proud to offer some of the best custom cake toppers, designed with stylish aesthetics to match all modern cakes.
  2. Bridal cupcake toppers. If you’re having cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, that’s no worries. We can craft personalised cupcake toppers too!
  3. Serving boards. No wedding grazing table would be complete without a custom serving board featuring the wedding date or the names of the newly married couple.
  4. Personalised door mat. Why not welcome your guests into the reception venue in a subtle yet fun way with a custom door mat?
  5. Acrylic wedding invitations. Impressing your guests starts from the very beginning, so be sure to send out the best personalised acyclic invitations to get your guests excited.
  6. Custom name hoop. Stylish name hoops are becoming more and more popular at modern weddings. Browse the name hoops on our website or contact us to create your own personalised hoop decoration.
  7. Printed keyring. If you want to try something different for your wedding bonbonnieres, you may want to consider gifting personalised keyrings to your guests.
  8. Our Father Prayer Cross. For brides and grooms having a religious ceremony or getting married in a place of worship, there are many stylised crosses and religious decorations that can help to enhance and embrace the setting of the venue.
  9. Cushions with custom prints. There’s no better or easier way to jazz up a casual lounge area than with a personalised printed cushion.
  10. Pine wood photo print. We adore wooden photo prints, and they make a very unique addition to wedding décor.
  11. Acrylic sneeze guards. In our ‘new normal’ world, acrylic sneeze screens Australia may be essential for keeping your guests and venue staff safe. Avanti Print are now offering custom sneeze guards Australia to suit a range of settings.
  12. Personalised puzzles. A custom-made puzzle featuring the newly hitched couple is the perfect game to be left at the kid’s table, and some adults may even get a thrill out of it during wedding day downtime.
  13. Script names. Custom script names are a fun and personalised statement piece to be hung on a wall at your reception, or even behind the bride and groom during the ceremony.
  14. Name plaques. Similar to script names, name plaques are a unique and modern way to decorate walls on your wedding day.
  15. Social distancing decals. It may seem unfortunate to have to splatter your wedding venue with social distancing reminders, but thankfully you can craft custom covid decals that match the aesthetic of your venue while still providing crucial information.
  16. Neon signs. If acrylic doesn’t take your fancy, you might be interested in a neon sign to amplify your wedding.
  17. Personalised T-shirts. This may seem a little crazy, but personalised t-shirts can make for a funny joke on your wedding day, or they may help to create hilarious photos on the wedding day shoot.

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