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5 Things To Know Before You Purchase Sneeze Screens

sneeze screens


  1. Personalised sneeze screens are the best solution for protecting your business.

At Avanti Print, we offer both standard sized sneeze screens and personalised versions. You may find that the standard sneeze screens suit your needs perfectly, so you can order these immediately through our website. However, if you have a uniquely sized area that requires protection, you can get in touch with our team and we can craft a clear screen to suit your particular needs.

  1. The price of sneeze guards Australia will vary, but they are a worthy investment.

Quality COVID-19 screens are an essential item to prevent diseases spreading between your staff and customers. If you are looking for the most affordable sneeze screens, we recommend that you browse our online shop. As a trusted printing business, we can offer some of the cheapest sneeze screens on the market.

  1. Sneeze screens are easy to install.

As we have mentioned in a previous blog article, sneeze guards are incredibly easy to install. The clear screens sold on our website are particular simple, and can be installed by just one person. Our popular sneeze screens are delivered in a flat pack, and the setup process only involves a few steps. If you are wondering how acrylic sneeze guards get installed, read our recent article about COVID-19 protection. If you are in a hurry to install your sneeze screens, Avanti Print can also offer express delivery services across Australia. We understand that it’s important for you to protect your business, so we will endeavour to have your sneeze guards delivered as soon as possible.

  1. Sneeze screens don’t require much maintenance, however it is important that you clean them regularly.

Cleaning your sneeze screens with a cloth and spray will prevent any grime or dust colleting on the screen over time. It will ensure they last longer and remain completely see-through. When cleaning sneeze guards, you should use protective gear such as gloves and face masks.

  1. For full protection against airborne diseases, you may need more than a sneeze guard.

We have already established that sneeze screens are an essential addition to your business to help protect your employees and visitors from the spread of airborne diseases. By installing sneeze screens throughout your office, venue or shop, you are reducing the likelihood of viruses, like COVID-19, being passed from human to human.

In addition to professional sneeze screens, you should install COVID-19 social distancing decals throughout your site. Some of the coronavirus signage you may choose to present throughout your business area includes: handwashing signs, reminders to social distance, arrows directing traffic, signs indicating the number of people allowed in one area or room, conditions of entry, and directions to hand sanitising stations. Social distancing signage can come in the form of posters, stickers, window decal or foot signs. All these varieties are available through Avanti Print – your reliable print and design company.

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