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6 Tips for Designing the Best Invitations

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What do weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, business functions and baptisms all have in common? They all require personalised invitations for the event! Because the initial invitation is the first correspondence your guests will receive in relation to your event, it is super dooper important that you create the invitation with style, practicality and elegance in mind. Given the current circumstances with covid-19, it is also important that you list relevant details regarding social distancing and health regulations. As your go-to print and design company in Australia, we are outlining six crucial tips for designing quality invitations.


  1. Don’t forget to include all the information.

The purpose of an invitation is to provide your guests with all the necessary information they need before coming to your event. An invitation has no value if it doesn’t tell every critical fact about the occasion. Some of the most important event information you might like to include is: date and time, dress code, location, what to bring, RSVP details, social distancing decals, gifting, and food information.

  1. Tailor the invitation to each guest.

Invitations will have more significance and meaning to each guest if it is personalised to them. Where possible, you should insert the guest’s name on their invitation so it truly represents that you are addressing them, rather than just being a generic piece of paper sent out to everybody. Customised invitations as just described can be purchased through our online personalised printing store.

  1. Have the invitations match the other event decorations.

The style of your invite should match your other event decorations. Some of the event decorations available at Avanti Print include: personalised cake toppers, script name plaques, bridal shower name hoops, custom cake toppers Australia, engagement party plaques, neon event signs, birthday banners and ribbons.  

  1. Be covid safe.

Ensure to include any relevant details about social distancing and covid rules in your invite so guests know what to expect on the day. You should also complement this with COVID-19 decals and stickers at the event, including: sneeze screens Australia, covid prevention corflute signs, covid prevention decals, maximum capacity corflutes, maximum capacity decals, social distance corflute signs, and our popular social distancing decal pack.

  1. Get them printed by professionals.

If you decide to print your own invitations (DIY), there is a chance they will look tacky and home-made. Professional printers in Australia will provide you with accuracy, quality and value for money. When you engage with an Australian custom printing brand, they will help you with both the design and printing processes to ensure that your personalised invitation is as bespoke as possible.

  1. Choose modern and pleasant materials to print on.

Currently, the most popular materials for custom printed invitations are acrylic and plywood. Acrylic invitations can help to shine and emphasise a spectrum of colours, including white, black, blues, pinks and greens – making it an ideal material choice if you plan to have bold colours on your invite. Alternatively, plywood invitations present a more rustic and raw vibe – appearing very suave.

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