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7 reasons to get sneeze screens for your business

Sneeze Screens Australia


No matter whether you are running a café, financial firm, banking institution, supermarket, or any other business, sneeze screens are an essential piece of furniture to install in your workspace. Why? We know seven good reasons.

  1. A sneeze screen can protect your staff.

Every smart business owner knows that their staff are the keys to their success. As a physical barrier between employees and customers to a business, sneeze guards will protect your employees from catching airborne viruses and diseases.

  1. They stop contagious viruses spreading throughout the community.

If you run a shopfront or office, then you have a duty to the community. It’s important that you do your part to limit the spread of viruses and diseases throughout your local area. Not only do sneeze guards protect your staff from catching viruses, but they also safeguard your customers from catching them too.

  1. Stop your business from becoming an outbreak epicentre.

It goes without saying that a virus breakout in the vicinity of your business could damage your reputation and overall business success. If the public knows that you were at the centre of an outbreak, they will be too frightened to visit your store. No customers means no revenue, which means you might be struggling to stay afloat. Quality sneeze screens can help you avoid this.

  1. Sneeze guards are a worthy investment.

When operating a business of any size, it can be difficult to decide which investments are more worthy than others. You can’t have everything in the world, so some prioritising is necessary. Health, safety and wellbeing should always be a priority, which means custom sneeze screens are something you should purchase right now.

  1. There’s never been a better time to purchase a sneeze guard.

Considering the recent outbreak of COVID-19, sneeze screens have become increasingly popular throughout the world. The deadly virus has reminded many businesses about the importance of protecting their employees and customers, as well as assisting the community by limiting virus spread. Coronavirus sneeze screens can be purchased through our sneeze guard online store.

  1. They are being sold at reasonable prices.

It is possible to purchase cheap sneeze screens, but you need to be wary of their quality. If you are getting a dodgy sneeze screen, you may as well have no screen at all. We recommend purchasing from a recognisable print company, such as Avanti Print.

  1. Sneeze screens are very easy to purchase.

We know how easy it is to purchase sneeze guards, because we are one of the businesses selling them! At Avanti Print, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best sneeze screens in Australia. All our counter barriers are made from 100% cast acrylic and built with 6mm thickness, which is significantly better than the industry standard. The additional thickness ensures ultimate protection and durability whilst still maintaining great visibility. We also offer safe and fast delivery sneeze guards, so you can reap the benefits as soon as possible. Browse our website for more information today.


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