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8 Creative Ideas For Decorating Cakes And Cupcakes


Cakes are an important part of any celebration! Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas party or something else, everyone at the event is bound to be expecting a cake. In fact, we all know someone who hangs out for the entire evening just waiting for the cake to arrive.

Just like clothing, cakes have fashion trends that come and go. If you’re planning a special occasion and beginning to research or order your cake, you may be wondering how to decorate your delicious dessert so it will impress guests.

Our creative team at Avanti Print have noted down a few easy ways you can decorate your cake or cupcakes ahead of the big event.


  1. Rustic flowers

Rustic and metallic colourings are especially stylish right now, so many trend setters are decorating their cakes with small edible flowers that match those themes.


  1. Use a personalised cake topper

Personalised cake toppers are a dream come true for anybody who is looking to decorate a cake. Cake toppers can be made in any shape or design so they suit the general colour theme of your function. Our custom cake toppers in metallic are particularly popular right now.


  1. Cream, cream, cream!

Particularly when it comes to sponge cakes, colourful cream can be a simple way to decorate a cake and add some volume.


  1. Custom cupcake toppers

We know we’ve already mentioned cake toppers, but this is slightly different! Personalised cupcake toppers are smaller custom pieces that can be made in bulk and used to decorate cupcakes. Perhaps you have opted for cupcakes instead of a cake, or you want some cute cupcakes to surround the major cake on the dessert table – either way, you can jazz them up by ordering stylish cupcake toppers.


  1. Elegant ribbon

If you need to bedazzle your cake at the last minute, go hunting in your cupboards for a strand of ribbon. This is a simple touch that can make a huge difference to the overall cake aesthetic. Just remember to take it off before you cut and distribute the cake!


  1. Matching cake toppers and party décor

One thing we know for absolute certain is that your cake needs to match and complement the other decorations at your function venue. At Avanti Print, you can order custom cake toppers Australia that match your script name plaque and name hoops.


  1. Personalise wherever possible

It’s important that your cake is unique to you, so make sure to add your name or a custom message on the top of the cake. Talk to your cake maker about whether this may be possible – and how a personalised cake topper Australia can be incorporated into the design.


  1. Go for the circle

While there are no limits as to what shape you want your cake to be, many people are choosing traditional circle designs because they are easy to decorate. Once you start looking online, you’ll quickly find that many cake toppers and cupcake toppers are circular in nature, which will perfectly complement a circular cake!

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