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A Simple Guide to Wedding Invitations



What to include on your wedding invitation?

Below is a list of what you need to include on your wedding invite.

  • Reference to the wedding! It’s so obvious you can almost miss it. It can be a simple line such as ‘Please join us for the wedding of…’ How formal this text is depends on how traditional or modern you want your wedding to be.
  • The first names of both the bride and groom, bride and bride, or groom and groom (last names optional). You and your partner will have to decide on the order of the names – you can always choose alphabetical or go with the order which sounds or flows the best.
  • The date and time of the event – don’t forget to include the year too as some people plan weddings far in advance and recipients may be confused if you don’t specify.
  • The location of the event. It’s up to you whether you include the specific address. Not including it will mean there is less text, but it may be necessary to include the full address for venues that are hard to find. If you have two different locations for the ceremony and reception, these will both have to be mentioned, along with the relevant times.
  • A degree of classy decoration that gives the invite some life, such as a fancy font for your names, or some floral decorations around the text. This may be best left to a print and design company.

How should I get my invite designed?

Graphic design is a skill, and it also requires specific software programs that you may not have available to you. Therefore, many couples elect to have their wedding invite designed by a graphic designer, or to choose a pre-existing template that a graphic designer has made.

This second option allows you to view the invite in advance and make a judgement on whether you like it before you have engaged the services of the designer and become financially bound to them.

You may also wish to consider if the graphic design company offers a printing service; if they do, you may be able to limit expenses to one transaction.

Popular types of wedding invites and printing

There are many different types of materials which you can have your wedding invite printed on. The invite may be a person’s first impression of your wedding and it has the potential to showcase the vibe and atmosphere you are trying to achieve with your wedding. So, choose carefully! Some popular materials for wedding invites include:

  • Acrylic wedding invites
  • Paper wedding invites
  • Cotton fibre wedding invites
  • Board wedding invites
  • Engraved wedding invites
  • Mirrored wedding invites
  • Embossed wedding invites
  • Plywood wedding invites

The argument for acrylic wedding invites

Acrylic is a transparent, firm plastic material. It’s perfect for sleek, stylish designs that make the most of the transparent effect. Here at Avanti Print, we print our acrylic invitations using state of the art UV direct printing machines. Check out some of our wedding invites on our Weddings and Bridal Page. As you’ll see, Avanti Print offers a range of designs, colours, and styles to choose from!