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Best Decoration Ideas for a Kid’s Party



Every parent wants their child to experience having an awesome birthday party – the challenge is creatively imagining new ideas that will put a smile on your child’s face! Many will agree that there’s no need to go overboard. A few cool ideas will go a long way when it comes to bedazzling your party.

Avanti Print has a wide range of creative party decorations, many of which can be ordered through our print website. Whether you’re looking for bridal shower name hoops or sneeze guards, we have you covered. In terms of children’s birthday party ideas, just keep reading for some inspiration.

1. Custom cake toppers

At Avanti Print, we specialise in custom cake toppers and personalised cake toppers. For a kid’s birthday party, you might want to get a custom cake topper Australia that says their name or age. Alternatively, you might want a colourful cake topper with some sort of ornament or balloon design. We love bright colours for a kid’s birthday party!

2. Custom door mats

Why not surprise your little one (and all your guests) by getting a customised door mat? If your party is being held at home, this can be the perfect way to welcome your visitors and get them excited for the event. Our personalised door mats can be made with any name or message that you desire.

3. Custom cupcake toppers

Many parents are now opting for cupcakes instead of whole cakes, as they are much simpler to serve and can result in less mess. This doesn’t mean you can’t have adorable cake toppers though! Avanti Print has a wide range of custom cupcake toppers available, and you can order them directly through our website.

4. Script name plaques

Oh yes! Script name plaques are totally stylish right now and they can be personalised for your child’s birthday. One of the best things about script name plaques is that they can be kept forever, well after the birthday party is complete. It can be a nice keepsake for your child to remember the special day.

5. Customised birthday cards and birthday gifts

Everyone knows that the most important part of any birthday is the part where you get to open gifts. You can make your presents extra special with a custom card and special personalised presents. If you need any further inspiration, simply head to our online print store.

6. Party cushions

To create a boho atmosphere at your child’s birthday party, why not set up a cute picnic rug and table for the kids to eat and do crafts. Party cushions are the perfect addition to any picnic set-up, and they can be even cooler when personalised!

7. Balloons!

Every child loves balloons, so why not go above and beyond with a balloon themed birthday party. As well as having balloons throughout your house and venue, you can have balloon cake toppers, and balloon games. Balloons are one of the most affordable party decoration options available, which is why they are so favoured by parents looking to brighten their children’s birthday.

Continue browsing the Avanti Print website for more inspiration.

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