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Choosing the Right Puzzles for Winter



There’s nothing quite like sitting at home during winter with a hot cuppa, completing a puzzle as the rain falls outside. Completing a personalised puzzle can be both relaxing and compelling but as the image comes together, the feeling of satisfaction can barely be beaten.

So, puzzles are great for mindfulness and for productively spending a day at home. The real question is, how to pick the right puzzle for this winter? We’re big puzzlers ourselves here at Avanti Print so we thought we’d put together a quick checklist!


1. Pick a meaningful image.

Whether you are buying a puzzle for yourself or as a gift, the real question is, what image should I spend my time building? Generally, the more beautiful the scene the better, which is why people love to build mountain scenery or images of architecture. Other people like to build an image on a theme of personal interest to them, such as their favourite animal or a painting by their favourite artist.

Perhaps the most meaningful image of all is one from your own life – such as a holiday snap, a picture of a long-lost relative, a family photo from a special occasion, a picture of your partner and you together, or with friends on a special occasion. Specialist printing companies such as Avanti Print can make a personalised puzzle out of your image, just like we can help with personalised cake toppers. A photo puzzle is a great gift for a friend or a family member due to that personal touch.


2. Choose a difficulty that suits you.

The more pieces in the puzzle, the more difficult it is. Perhaps you are buying a photo puzzle for a younger person, in which case you may wish to go for an easy puzzle, for example one with 96 pieces. Or if you have the time up your sleeve and are looking for a challenge, a 768-piece puzzle may be more your speed!

Remember that the choice of image will also affect the puzzle’s difficulty. More uniform images such as of a rainforest or water can make it harder to tell the puzzle pieces apart. Generally speaking the more detail the personalised puzzle or photo puzzle gift contains, the easier it will be to place the pieces.

The amount of pieces will also relate to the size of the puzzle. Ask yourself, how much space do I or the person I am gifting have available for the puzzle?


3. Consider shopping online.

By shopping online, you save time by not having to first order your personalised photo puzzle in person then collect it in person. At Avanti Print, we use UV inks to print directly onto a 3mm plywood timber and laser cut the puzzle shape for precision.

We can also help with various other fun and useful items for your house, business or special event such as custom cake toppers Australia, a script name plaque, a sneeze guard, social distancing decals, custom cake toppers, and bridal shower name hoops.

To find our more or to order your very own personalised puzzle, contact Avanti Print on (02) 9729 0139 or email