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Cooking in Style: Personalised Kitchen Products



Nowadays, a lot of people are eating out less. Many are missing out on the atmosphere that makes dining out a favourite pastime. Fortunately, there are ways to bring back the high-spirited, fun, and cultured atmosphere at home.

In this article, Avanti Print will be exploring a few products that can bring the flair back into your kitchen, making mealtimes with family or friends exciting, fun, and fulfilling. These items also make ideal gifts for those who love their food or their cooking.

Personalised aprons

Not all heroes wear capes but heroes in the kitchen do wear aprons. A personalised apron featuring the name of the chef is a great gift to give to acknowledge the special powers of your partner or friend in the kitchen. It is also a humorous way to let your friends and family know that you are a cook to be revered!

Stylish yet sophisticated, a well-chosen personalised apron is a sure way of making mealtimes around the house fun. At Avanti Print, we can print your name or the name of your loved one on an apron, crowing them the “Queen of the Kitchen”.

Timber serving boards

Presentation matters when it comes to platters or foods presented to friends. It is one of the most pleasing aspects of eating out at a nice restaurant, but it is often neglected at home. One sure way to restore a bit of personality to your snacking at home or when guests are over, is to acquire a personalised timber serving board.

Perfect for a platter of cheese, fruits, dips, breads, and other finger-food or gourmet items, a timber serving board through Avanti Print creates a warm, welcoming rustic feel, but it also allows you to add that personal touch. Our standard models allow you to include your name, as in “Michael’s Kitchen” or “Julie’s Kitchen”. We can also quote for more even personalised designs carried out through precision laser cutting. Our timber boards are available in large or small sizes.

Custom Cake Toppers and Cupcake Toppers

Who could forget dessert? For many people, it’s their favourite course, and it’s often associated with celebrations – weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries. If you have a special event and are baking a cake or cupcakes at home, personalised cake toppers or cake toppers Australia can make it even more meaningful and add to the festive atmosphere.

For example, Avanti Print can offer a ‘Love with Arrow’ cake topper Australia to match your cake design; this is popular among couples communicating how much they mean to each other. If the mood is one of fun or banter, then the Last Fling cake topper often proves a popular choice. Sometimes the message just needs to be as simple as a “Happy Birthday Joanne” or “Happy Birthday Robert”, easily achieved with our Happy Birthday with Name Cake Topper.

To bring your kitchen and dining room to life, explore Avanti Print’s full range of customised products online. We can also assist with a script name plaque, sneeze guard, social distancing decals, bridal shower name hoops, wedding decorations, and so much more.

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