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Custom Acrylic Wreaths



Custom acrylic wreaths are a highly popular option for decorating for events, decorating for special occasions, and decorating the home. So, why exactly are these products so popular, and why do you need one for your next event?

Personalisation nis a growing trend in event organisation. In the modern day, we all attend so many events and have become more aware of generic products that do not have any special significance to the person celebrating the event.

This has created an appetite for personalised decorations and gifts. A personalised decoration or gift, like a custom acrylic wreath featuring someone’s name, shows that you have put thought into the planning, and is a pleasant surprise for the person on the receiving end. It can be a great way to deepen friendships and family relationships, and make for memorable photographs or lasting memories of an event.

There are many different types of acrylic wreath available, and the best approach to uncovering superior acrylic decorations and gifts is to browse an online store that specialises in these products, such as Avanti Print. We have everything from custom name hoops to script name plaques.

Floral wreath or everlasting acrylic wreath?

Here are a few reasons to consider having a custom acrylic wreath made up, rather than a floral wreath:

  • A custom acrylic wreath will last. It can be reused in the future. A floral wreath will not last in the long term if it is a genuine article with real flowers, and therefore you may have to continue to buy more in the future for future events, which can be more expensive.
  • It’s easy to customise an acrylic wreath. An acrylic wreath ordered through an Australian online print company may be able to include the person’s name, or a personalised message. With text being easier to include in a custom name hoop or other acrylic wreath, they’re the ultimate personalised decoration.
  • A floral wreath can potentially cause hay fever.
  • A custom acrylic wreath can be used in contexts you wouldn’t use flowers. For example, on top of a cake! Custom cake toppers, cupcake coppers, script name plaques, personalised cake toppers, and bridal shower name hoops are all variations on the theme of the acrylic wreath. They can be used in many contexts and are perfect for events!

Where can I get a custom acrylic wreath?

The best place to get a custom acrylic wreath is online. At the best custom print websites, you can browse a range of pre-made custom acrylic wreaths which may include personalised messages such as birthday wreaths, wedding wreaths, bridal shower wreaths, Christmas wreaths, Easter wreaths, and wreaths for a wide range of other occasions.

Avanti Print is a highly popular online custom wreath supplier that specialises in personalised gifts and decorations. For more party or event inspiration, browse the wide range on our website, or contact our friendly team on or (02) 9729 0139. We can also assist with sneeze guards and social distancing decals.

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