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Decoration Ideas for Religious Events and Ceremonies


For the number of Christian events that are held in Australia, including communions, baptisms or simply the birthday of a Christian friend or family member, there are surprisingly few ready-made decorations available to add Christian theming to your event.

It is easy to spend a long time searching online or in stores and not find a product that is an appropriate way of acknowledging your common faith and celebrating the event in the way that you would like to. No one wants to settle for a generic decoration!

Fortunately, there are custom print and design companies– like Avanti Print – who can produce decorations for your Christian event. Read on for just a few possible ideas for decorating a Christian event, such as a communion or a baptism, or a life event of your Christian family and friends – such as a wedding or a birthday.

A cake topper with a cross symbol

Avanti Print can produce a communion cake topper with a person’s name on it, a cross and dove name topper, and other custom-made name toppers for cakes that are personalised to the person being celebrated. Cake toppers are a highly popular way of decorating a cake and adding a personal touch. They show that you have made the extra effort and are often very well received, especially if you manage to maintain an element of surprise until the grand reveal!

A cross cupcake topper pack

Avanti Print can also produce a cross-shaped cupcake topper. Cupcakes are great for social events where people are standing around, for events without plates, and where it might be inconvenient to cut the cake due to a lack of places to wash up. For these reasons and more, personalised cupcake toppers are a popular alternative to custom cake toppers Australia. They might just be the perfect addition to your milestone event in your Christian friend or family member’s calendar.

A name hoop with a printed cross

By deciding to place a person’s name and their faith proudly on the wall with a name hoop, you maximise the value that your decoration delivers. A name hoop with a person’s name and a printed cross, for example, stays on the wall the whole night. It can add to the unique atmosphere of this particular event and form a great backdrop for memories and photographs.

Why choose Avanti Print to decorate your event?

Avanti Print specialises in custom designs. We design and manufacture products ourselves, which gives us free reign to be creative and to design a personalised product for your event. If you have browsed our site and haven’t found the perfect item for your religious event, we encourage you to contact us.

We’re always eager to develop new ideas, and our designers and machinery love a challenge! Whether it’s welcome signs, invitations, plaques, canvas print, Easter decorations, Christmas decorations, home and lifestyle decorations or products, keyrings, personalised puzzles, bridal shower name hoops, sneeze guards, script names, or other custom printed products, our custom print and design store would love to help!

Contact us on or (02) 9729 0139 for more information.

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