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Decorations Checklist For Your Wedding Day



When it comes to weddings, there are so many different things that need to be organised, it can be easy to forget something. Between the wedding dress, and the catering, and the entertainment on the day, decorations may become one of your last priorities. However, decorations are a major factor influencing the uniqueness and enjoyment of your wedding.

Quality wedding decorations can amplify your wedding event proceedings and ensure that your wedding is unique to you and your partner. At Avanti Print, we specialise in a range of print products, many of which are suitable to be used as decorations during your wedding. To help you organise your special day, we have created a checklist of all the unique decorations and print products you should consider ordering for your big day.

1. Custom cake toppers

Your wedding cake is an iconic feature of your wedding, so it’s important that you embellish the cake with a modern and tailored decorative item. Our custom cake toppers are designed in a modern style that will enhance the cake without detracting from its natural beauty. They can be personalised to feature your own name or wedding date.

2. Custom cupcake toppers

If you’re planning on having cupcakes rather than a large wedding cake, you can still decorate them fittingly. Our custom cupcake toppers are ideal for personalising your cupcakes and ensuring your dessert offering is extra special.

3. Custom name hoops

A custom name hoop can be the perfect addition to your wedding day photobooth, or a unique decoration to have at your wedding reception. Our large name hoops can be personalised to feature your name or something meaningful to you and your partner.

4. Acrylic wedding invitations

If you haven’t already sent out your wedding invitations, you might want to consider having stylish printed acrylic wedding invites sent to your guests. 

5. Food menus

Many brides and grooms like to have printed food menus on the reception tables to let guests know what they can expect from the catering. Getting your food menus printed by a print company will ensure they are personalised to match the styling and theme of your other wedding features.

6. Pine wood photo prints

Why not decorate your wedding day with priceless photo moments of your relationship? Our pine wood photo prints are ideal as a rustic wedding decoration to have at your wedding reception.

7. Other custom wedding designs

There is no limit to the types of decorations you can have at your wedding. At Avanti Print, our local printing specialists can create personalised puzzles, custom doormats, custom name plaques, personalised aprons, acrylic sneeze guards, personalised script names, custom cushions, and more.

If you have a specific idea in mind for your wedding decorations, we encourage you to get in touch with our printing specialists to discuss your thoughts. We can work with you to design and print some decorations that will complement the aesthetic of your event. Otherwise, you can browse our online shop today.

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