Five decoration ideas for a communion or baptism

Religious decorations


Shopping for décor for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers and hen’s nights is easy peasy. It is a piece of cake, some may say. With a simple Google search, you will uncover a range of party decoration possibilities. The decorative ideas for these common occasions are essentially endless.

However, buying decorations for a communion or baptism is a much more challenging task. For most families, a first communion is a big deal and can signify the beginning of a life in God’s footsteps. It is a Sacrament of Love. Baptisms are just as spiritual of an experience, with family members gathering to witness someone they love be baptised. The act of being baptised is the ultimate way to showcase belief in the Lord.

As with any large or significant event, communions and baptisms deserve adequate celebration. Decorative items are the ideal way to bring the occasion to life and demonstrate the importance of the event.

But, what types of decorations exist for religious events? Where can people find communion decorations or baptism decorations? Are there popular trends for communion décor? What are some good décor ideas for a baptism?

As Australia’s leading provider of religious decorations, we have developed a list of five trendy decorations that are suitable for both communions and baptisms. Keep reading to get inspired!

1. Cake toppers.
Religious cake toppers are one of the most popular communion items in 2019. A cross cake topper or name cake topper can turn a bland cake into a symbolic and memorable piece of décor. One of the most popular religious cake toppers by Avanti Prints is the stylish and simple Cross And Dove Topper.

Alternatively, many event organisers are choosing to purchase personalised cake toppers that can have their own choice of image or words on it. Because the cake is often one of the most photographed items at an event, it is important to dress up the dessert with something that quickly signifies the purpose of the occasion.

2. Cupcake toppers.
In the modern party era, many event organisers are opting for cupcakes instead of cakes. The bite-sized desserts are cleaner and easier to hand out to guests. However, without any decoration on them, they can sometimes appear boring or bare.

Similarly to cake toppers, it is possible to source religious cupcake toppers. Customised cupcake toppers ensure that each and every one of your little treats will impress your attendees.  Most cupcake toppers, like the Cross Cupcake Topper, will come in a packet of ten.

3. Name hoops.
Otherwise known as word hoops or name circles, name hoops are rapidly rising in popularity across Australia. Essentially, a name hoop is a large decoration that can be hung onto a wall and act as backdrop or wall feature. The hoop will either feature a phrase of name in the centre, and the hoops are usually made from metallic or one-colour materials.

Religious name hoops may feature the name of the person being baptised, or a significant verse from the Bible.

4. Wall art.
Personalised wall art can be effective at making a bold statement at your event. Signs and wall decorations can feature as a background for photographs, or simply to give guests a talking point.

Many baptism or communion event organisers will source customisable wall art of which they can tailor the decoration with their choice of words or symbols.  When dealing with a renowned Australian print company such as Avanti Prints, you can personally get in touch with a member of team to discuss what you would like created. Whether your job is big or small, the experts will ensure that your idea is brought to life with care and talent.

5. Serving boards.
There is bound to be some form of food served to guests after the big event has taken place. Why not dish it up in style?

Customised serving boards are a modern event decoration idea. Typically, these will be wooden boards that have a name, logo or phrase carved into the wood. When attendees to events are plucking nibbles from the board, they will have the chance to see the personalised words. Serving boards are also a brilliant take-home gift after the event has finished. The customised platter board can be used time and time again, bringing back memories of the communion or baptism each time.

Or… any other tailored decorations.

There is no limit to the types of décor that can be created for baptisms and communions.

Avanti Prints have assisting with decorations for a variety of religious events across the country. They are experts in seating plans, welcome signs, invitations, plaques, canvas prints, and more.

Their ability to create customised decorations means that you can present them with essentially any concept, and they will do their best to make it happen. Contact the Avanti Prints team today and the skilled printers can begin bringing your idea to life.

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