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Five Tips for Decorating a Child’s Birthday Party

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In recent years, children’s parties have become less of an enjoyable celebration, and more of a parent competition. Mums and dads are at war.

If you want to host the best kid’s party of the year, then you need to seriously consider your options for decorating. Thankfully, there are a variety of cheap party decorations online that can ensure your event looks brilliant. You just need to ensure that the products are high quality and will provide you with value for money.

As leading party suppliers, we know exactly how to create a party aesthetic that will be remembered for years to come. To assist you, we have accumulated five top tips for choosing birthday party décor.

1. Do not be afraid to use colour.
Children are bold and bubbly creatures, so the colour of their birthday party should reflect that. We highly recommend decorating your party with the brightest of colours. Most parents and kids agree that splashing rainbows across your children’s party is a sure way to bring about joy and excitement. It is probably the only opportunity for them to have a bright birthday, after all, as many mature-aged birthday events tend to use simplistic, earthy colours.

You might benefit from talking to your children and discovering their favourite colours, so these can be incorporated into the event. Some of the most popular children’s birthday products right now, like our balloon cake topper, pop with rainbow colours.

2. Think outside of the box.
Get ultra creative! The event decorations that will turn the most heads are the ones that are quirky and innovative.

Two intriguing event décor items that are currently sparking interest include customised name hoops and tailored cake toppers. Name hoops are a type of decoration that usually get hung onto a wall and feature the name of the birthday child. Some print companies in Australia provide name hoops in metallic materials so they can shine during a party. Similarly, some customised cake toppers can be made on metallic materials. These dessert decorations are rising in popularity because of their modern visual appeal.

3. Buy keepsake items, rather than perishables.
Perishable and single-use party goods may be functional during the party, but they will have no use once the event is over. Most parents across the country are deciding to invest in keepsake party items because they ultimately provide more value for money.

As an example, some customised wall décor products can be used as home decorative items once the event is over. Alternatively, certain decorations can be kept as memorable items and brought out for future events. Decorations are a great way to reminisce and recall the fun that was once had.

4. Think practically (kids are crazy).
We have already mentioned the importance of thinking creatively. However, thinking practicality is fundamental for the success of your children’s birthday party as well. At the end of the day, children can be unbelievably destructive and non-safety-conscious. Especially when they are hyped up on sugar, they need to be in an environment where the products and decorations around them are safe.

Therefore, you need to purchase children’s party decorations that are strong and durable. When purchasing from the best party suppliers and highest quality printers, there should be no issues. You just need to ascertain that the materials being used are dependable ones.

If you are going to be using decorative wall art, it is important that you hang the products high so that the children cannot pull them or knock them down. If you will be using birthday cake toppers or customised cupcake toppers, you should consider if this will impact any children with allergies. Essentially, you should prepare for the worst to enable success.

5. Keep it as consistent as possible.
Mismatched decorations can be detrimental to the overall aesthetic of an event. All of the best event planners know that you need to select a certain colour and design, then stick with it. If all of your products contrast in a negative manner, none of them will look good individually either. It will just be a big conflicting mess.

By purchasing all of your party decorations from the same supplier, you can be certain that there will be consistency between each décor item. Particularly if you purchase customised party decorations from a quality printer, they will be able to tailor each item so it matches with the rest.

If you are interested in custom designed decorations, you can browse our online print store for inspiration. We can create everything from birthday welcome signs to party invitations to canvas prints to cake toppers. You name it, we can do it. And we will tailor it to suit your unique needs.

Contact our specialised print team for more information.

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