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How To Create The Best Name Hoops


How-To-Create-The-Best-Name-HoopsName hoops are a fun and appealing decoration for events and special occasions. They are created with a large circular design and usually feature a phrase, date or personalised wording in the centre of the hoop. Name hoops are typically hung on walls or offered as a standalone event decoration.

Stylish modern name hoops can be appropriate for a wide range of events, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, religious celebrations, proposals, graduation parties and bridal showers. At Avanti Print, one of our most popular name hoops is our Mr & Mrs hoop, featuring a special flower design in the top right corner of the hoop.

Here are some of our top tips for how to create the best name hoop.

1. Use metallic materials for your name hoop.

Metallic name hoops are very trendy right now, and most print companies are selling more metallic event decorations than ever before. Metallic print instils a unique shine and timeless character to the name hoop. Not only are they in fashion, but they are also most likely to suit any type of event theme. Regardless of whether you are having a rustic theme, coastal theme, rainbow theme, or otherwise, a custom-made metallic name hoop can perfectly complement your other event decorations.

2. Have decorations that match your name hoop.

If you are planning on having cake toppers Australia, cupcake toppers Australia, name plaques, or other event decorations, you can get them to match the style and design of your name hoop. If you choose to order your name hoop from a dedicated print and event company, like Avanti Print, we can handle all the decorations for your event and ensure every item is complementary to one another. Our design team know exactly what they’re doing!

3. Go big with your name hoop.

Go big or go home! The unique design and nature of name hoops means they are great at stealing the show and being the central feature decoration at your event. Rather than getting a small name hoop, embrace your name hoop and opt for a large design that can make an impression on your big day.

4. Hang your name hoop on a plain wall.

As we mentioned above, most people hang their name hoop on a wall at their event. To ensure the text on your name hoop is still readable, and that the decoration doesn’t get lost in the complexity of the wall, you should try to hand the feature product on a plain wall.

5. Personalise the text on your name hoop.

Rather than using a standard text option, create your own unique message, word or date that you want to emphasise on the name hoop. If it’s your birthday, you might want to have your age or name printed in the centre of the name hoop. Alternatively, you might want to have a meaningful quote or thoughtful symbol.

To browse Avanti Print’s range of name hoops, custom sneeze guards Australia, cake toppers Australia, event decorations, printing solutions, and more, visit our website today.

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