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How to Design the Best – Looking Birthday Cake



When it comes to birthday parties, everyone always looks forward to the cake! In many instances, the birthday cake can even steal the show from the birthday boy or girl themselves.

Knowing where to start with making or ordering a cake can be tricky, so we’ve outlined some best practice advice for designing the best-looking birthday cake.

Here are some of our top tips for creating the best birthday cake ever:

  • Get a custom cake topper to decorate the cake and add a cute personal touch
  • Add layers, as height is one of the most attractive features of a cake
  • Keep the colour scheme simple (unless it’s a rainbow cake of course)
  • Choose a flavour that you love
  • Search for some cake inspiration on Pinterest or Google.
  • Pass the baking stress onto someone else, so you don’t have to spend time making the cake

But why stop at a cake? In the current party planning era, many people are considering getting cupcakes in addition (or as an alternative) to their cake. Cupcakes can be a better option than a cake at parties or low-resource settings, and they’re an adorable bitesize treat for guests! Cupcakes can also easily be taken home to enjoy if the guest doesn’t want to eat it right away.

Cupcakes can also be a great choice if you have guests with specific dietary requirements, and you can make each individual cupcake different according to their needs. For example, you might have some gluten free or nut free cupcakes to give specifically to guests with those requirements.

If you are set on the idea of personalised cake toppers, you can get custom cupcake toppers too!

Do the same rules apply for wedding cakes, anniversary cakes and baby shower cakes?

Absolutely! Cakes are popular for a wide range of celebrations, and these tips apply to all.

Particularly for wedding cakes, a personalised cake topper is the perfect way to make your cake ‘pop’ and awe all your guests. Many couples are now opting for basic white cakes, but there could be value in focusing on a large and stylish cake topper that steals the attention. You might like to consider a ‘Mr and Mrs’ cake topper or a custom cake topper that includes your names.

Baby shower cakes can also benefit from a personalised cake topper Australia – and there are plenty of cute messages that can be printed onto the topper.

Remember that the cake isn’t the be all and end all

While your celebratory cake is one of the most important and traditional features of your event, it’s important to remember that there are other decorations that need to be considered in addition to the cake.

Have you thought about name hoops, script name plaques and other party decorations?

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