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How To Find The Perfect Cake Topper For You

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A cake topper is a small model that sits on top of a cake and helps to decorate your dessert or match the ongoing theme for your event. Our custom cake toppers Australia are one of our most popular products and we regularly craft personalised designs for our customers. They’re affordable, customisable and creative – it’s no wonder they are so popular!

With so many custom cake toppers options available, choosing a cake topper design can be difficult, so we’ve created a short list of tips to help you find the perfect cake toppers for you.

  1. Determine whether you need a cake topper or several cupcake toppers.

Once you have decided on what dessert you will have at your event, you will know whether you need a cake topper or cupcake toppers. If you are on a budget, it might be cheaper for you to purchase one cake topper rather than multiple cupcake toppers.

  1. Research your favourite cake toppers online.

To know what sorts of cake toppers are available, you should seek inspiration on blogs and forums online. You might like to look at Pinterest and the Avanti Print website to see different kinds of personalised cake toppers.

  1. Ensure your other event decorations match the custom cake toppers.

If you are planning on having other decorations at your event, it’s important that they all complement one another in terms of style and vibe. At Avanti Print, we have a range of decorations and items available in our online print store, including: script name plaques, bridal shower name hoops, social distancing decals, custom cake toppers Australia and sneeze guards.

  1. Consider your type of event and choose a cake topper accordingly.

There is a wide variety of events where a cake topper might be appropriate, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and baptisms. You might like to have a cake topper with a symbol or word that suits the special occasion.

  1. Purchase your cake toppers from a trustworthy Australian company.

To ensure your custom cake toppers will arrive on time and be made of quality materials, you should always place your order with a reputable Australian print business.

  1. Make sure the cake toppers represent your character and uniqueness.

Because it’s your event, your cake toppers should made in your favourite colours and have words/numbers that reflect your life and personality. Some people like to have their age or birthday on the cake toppers, while other people prefer a symbol that represents them.

  1. Think about whether you want your cake toppers to be used after the event has finished.

If you want to reuse your cake toppers or have it as a decoration around your home, consider whether the design is universal and fit for all intended purposes. Many of our clients like to reuse their cake toppers at other birthday parties, or they might place it in a vase as a decoration in their home. It’s a little reminder of the incredible event they had.

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