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How To Make Your Winter Event As Stylish As Possible


There’s no denying it – Winter is well and truly here. Almost all the capital cities across Australia (excluding our Far North holiday hotspots) are experiencing cold temperatures and rainy days.

If you are planning an event or special occasion over this upcoming Winter period, you might be wondering how to create the most exciting and dynamic Winter event without making sacrifices due to cold and unfavourable weather. At Avanti Print, our team of print specialists and designers certainly do know a thing or two about party planning and custom event decorations, so we have just a few simple tips to help you plan your Winter events.

1. Get cosy indoors.

Try to find a modern indoor venue that will host your guests and offer ample heating throughout the day and night. Ensuring your guests are warm and cosy is important, because it will help them enjoy their time at your event and feel comfortable mingling with others, rather than whinging about cold fingers and desperately waiting to go home!

Just because you are planning an indoor event, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on the size or beauty of your event decorations. Custom cake toppers Australia, printed name hoops, custom plaques and personalised cupcake toppers are still excellent and appropriate decorations to use during an indoors-only event.

2. Remember to stay safe in these cold months.

Even after all this time, it is still important for event guests and event hosts to be staying safe covid-wise. The Winter months in Australia are one of the peak times when viruses, colds and flus are spread between human to human, so it’s vital that you encourage safe social distancing for all people attending your event. We recommend our social distancing decals and sneeze guards Australia to help keep all your guests safe.

3. Consider embracing a frosty themed celebration.

Instead of trying to hide the fact it’s Winter, you can fully embrace the chilly season. Think white and silver snowy decorations and plenty of fluffy and comforting décor. At Avanti Print & Design, we can create metallic custom cake toppers to suit your stylish frosty themed occasion. Almost all of our products are completely customisable, so you can work directly with our designers to create event decorations and personalised cake toppers Australia that match your Winter theme.

4. Keep the food and drink flowing.

There’s one thing we know for sure: people love to eat and drink in the Winter months! Comfort food is a must-have at any June-August event, so make sure you are providing ample tasty treats for your guests. To jazz up your food offering and impress all attendees, you might consider using a personalised timber serving board for any platters, or custom cake toppers for your cake.
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