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How Weddings Have Changed In Australia


How-Weddings-Have-Changed-In-AustraliaThe last few years during the COVID-19 pandemic have seen massive changes brought about to how Australians are holding their weddings.

Unfortunately, many weddings have had to be cancelled during this time. This has resulted in people looking to new ways of celebrating their love with their friends and family. These changes are set to last beyond the pandemic, as we have grown used to a new normal.

In this article, Avanti Print will be explaining just a few ways that weddings have changed in Australia.

1. Weddings are now more intimate than ever before

This is also true of religious ceremonies, birthdays, Christmas celebrations, and other special occasions. People are having to reduce the amount of people who are attending their weddings, meaning that many are now favouring a more intimate atmosphere. They are looking at different ways of making an event personal, well-decorated and atmospheric, often turning to custom cake toppers, cupcake toppers, neon signs, script names, plaques, bridal shower name hoops, and other wedding decorations to achieve their effect.

2. DIY weddings are increasingly common.

With the uncertainty around venues being open and business instability, many are turning to holding their weddings and other ceremonies and celebrations at home. This puts the responsibility for decorating on the people who are hosting the event. It has resulted in many exercising their inner creativity as they use products such as Name Hoops, Acrylic Invitations, and other wedding decorations to create a lively, celebratory atmosphere.

3.Those attending weddings are now favouring more personal gifts.

The last few years have reminded us of what matters most – friends and family. This is resulting in people giving highly personalised gifts that will really mean something to the recipient. We are seeing an increase in personalised cushions for the new home, personalised serving boards, and personalised puzzles. People are feeling more sentimental and attached to the gifts they are giving, and it’s resulting in some wonderfully meaningful moments.

4. Safety is more important the ever before.

People and businesses want a wedding to be a time of carefree celebration and safety, not risk. That has resulted in many venues increasing the safety of their premises to ensure they are COVID-safe. For example, many businesses are now acquiring sneeze guards and social distancing decals to ensure that the points where customers and staff come into contact are as safe as can be. This also has the effect of making visitors feel more comfortable.  

5. Food is at the forefront, including homemade food

With a lot of sitting down necessary at some weddings, those hosting events are wanting to make sure there is plenty of cake and cup cakes to keep everyone entertained and well fed. Having more time at home, many have also rediscovered their love for cooking and baking, and are now preparing their own yummy treats for their wedding day or for the wedding days of friends and relatives. They are often decorating these baked goods with custom cake toppers Australia or personalised cake toppers.

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