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Most popular party decoration trend in 2019

decoration trend
decoration trend

Over the years, party planners have seen it all. Some event decoration ideas have been practical and fashionable, while others have been flat out outrageous.

Most recently, popular decorative crazes have included donut walls, outdoor safari tents and light up numbers and letters. Although these trends are iconic, some may argue that they are now predictable and overused.

If you are seeking party decoration inspiration that is not already ‘too standard’, you have clicked on the correct link.

Here it is. Drum roll.

In 2019, the newest event decoration idea to take Australia by storm is metallic name hoops.


What are name hoops?

Customised name hoops, sometimes referred to as hula hoop wreaths or personalised hoops, are a party décor accessory that often states a person’s name within a circle. Typically, they are hung on walls, from ceilings, or designed to stand upright on a table.

Most trendy decoration hoops are created from metal materials, although some can be wooden or plastic.

Name hoops can serve an array of functions, including:

  • Birthday party décor
  • A baby shower decoration
  • Wedding décor
  • Anniversary party decoration
  • Bridal shower décor

Name hoops do not necessarily need to state a person’s name. In the case of baby showers, for example, they may display a phrase: it’s a boy!

Alternatively, when acting as a birthday party decoration, they may have a number within them.


Why should you get a party decoration hoop?

Name hoops are rapidly increasing in popularity. Purchasing a name hoop now before the trend gets outta’ hand will prove to guests that you are ahead of the eight ball.

The benefits of a name hoop include:

  • It is a cheap party decoration. When compared to other modern party décor, name hoops are value for money. Depending on your desired size and style, there will be an option to meet your budget.
  • It is a great alternative to an old-fashioned banner. Birthday party banners, despite being a cheap decoration, can look tacky to the eye. Name hoops are simple and stylish.
  • It is a keep-sake item. After your big event, the ornament can still serve a purpose. Many party planners choose to use their name hoop as wall décor in their homes. It can even be used for parties or events later in life.
  • It can be used as an event photo backdrop. A name hoop can form an ideal background for guests who are wanting to take selfies, or photographers taking professional images. When reflecting on old images, guests will easily identify the event when they see the memorable name hoop.
  • It is highly durable. Unlike fresh décor options, such as ones that involve food or flowers, a name hoop can be purchased early in the planning phase and not require maintenance prior to the event. It also cannot be squashed, consumed or damaged by guests during the function.
  • You can purchase matching party decorations. A smaller scale version of your name hoop can act as a cake topper or table decoration. It will allow for ultimate theme consistency.


Where can you get started?

Most party decoration companies in Australia are yet to consider name hoops for their customers. Because the trend is fairly new to the party scene, it can be difficult to find a reliable provider to create your name hoop.

However, Avanti Prints recognised the demand for the unique event decoration and have successfully created a variety of personalised name hoops for their customers.

As an event signage business in Sydney, we have the skills and experience to produce quality, custom-made party decoration features. Avanti Prints creates each of their items on-site and then ships the event decorations Australia-wide and internationally.

If you require quick party decoration delivery, we also offer express post. Personalisation does not result in a longer wait time, as each product is made-to-order with our premium machinery and qualified staff.


Name hoop design options

It is important that your decorative name sign suits your overall event theme. The colours, sizing and wording should complement other decorations, rather than contrast again them.

For weddings, we recommend a Mr & Mrs name hoop, or a customised option with your names.

For birthday parties, you may opt for a personalised number hoop featuring your milestone figure.

For anniversary gatherings, many of our customers choose a simplistic love wall sign or number sign to celebrate their years of marriage.

Other popular hoop designs include: bride to be signs, happy anniversary signs, it’s a girl signs, and congratulations signs.

No matter the event, Avanti Prints can create a name hoop that suits your message and theme. By getting in touch with one of our approachable staff members, you can outline what specifications meet your needs and then our team can work diligently towards your requests.

Browse our online decoration store today, and contact us at for a free product quote.

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