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Protecting Your Business Against COVID-19

Protecting your business


The recent coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the importance of health and hygiene throughout Australia and the world. Although in some regions of Australia, the virus seems to be eliminated, health officials are certain that the virus will remain eminent in society for many months to come. In Melbourne, for example, we are sadly seeing a second wave.

Therefore, if you haven’t already, it is vital that you take measures to protect your business from an outbreak or shutdown. Below are three of our suggestions to help safeguard you and your employees from COVID-19.

  1. Purchase quality sneeze screens

If your business requires face-to-face with clients or between staff, sneeze guards are a simple and important tool for limiting virus spread. Sneeze guards are essentially a clear barrier that stops airborne germs passing between people, but still allows for verbal and physical communication to take place. You may have already noticed these counter barriers being installed in supermarkets, offices, and retail stores in your local area. 

At Avanti Print, we sell some of the best sneeze screens in Australia. Our popular sneeze guards online provide a strong physical barrier that is easy to clean and use. If you are looking to buy a clear virus screen for your business, look no further than our online print company. As we have discussed previously, the bacteria barriers are easy to install and can be delivered as a flat pack.

  1. Supply sanitiser for staff and customers

This one is a no-brainer. All businesses across the country should now be providing complimentary hand sanitiser to both employees and customers. Maintaining personal hygiene is a sure way to limit the spread of the virus.

  1. Use business signage to encourage positive behaviours

To promote good behaviour and remind people of the need for personal hygiene and physical distancing, it is important to install clear and informative COVD-19 signage throughout your store or office. You may need floor stickers with arrows that indicate the direction of foot traffic, posters in bathrooms that suggest good hand washing technique, or signs that clearly indicate the conditions of entry into your shop. If you need assistance designing or printing social distancing decals, contact our trusted print store.

  1. Work with brands that offer digital liaison.

As you will have heard, social distancing is essential for containing COVID-19. We should all be limiting face-to-face contact where possible. At Avanti Print, we can provide all of our services remotely. This means we can work with you over email and phone to design, draft and print the materials that you require. Rather than picking them up, we can arrange to have your personalised printing goods delivered from our popular printing store, directly to your office or home (anywhere in Australia).

We have been trusted by thousands of individuals and businesses as their go-to printing company in Australia, and we are committed to providing excellent virus protection in the way of sneeze guards, coronavirus decals, and complete remote operations. Just get in touch with our team to learn about how we can assist you throughout this uncertain time.