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Spoiling your Loved Ones on their Birthday


Birthdays only come around once a year. For those who are inclined to special occasions, a friend or family member’s birthday is a unique opportunity to show your appreciation and make sure that those who you care for have the best day possible. The team at Avanti Print have put together a crash course on how you can make their day as memorable as possible for all the right reasons!

Ace the celebrations

The cake is the centrepiece of a successful birthday celebration and has been for years and years. Getting this proud tradition right can set the tone for an entire birthday event. To ensure you get the cake right, consider the following pointers:

  • Figure out their favourite type of cake. Maybe they love chocolate cake, ice cream cake or tiramisu. Venture back down memory lane, and if you can’t remember, there’s no harm in asking them beforehand!
  • Decorate the cake in style. If you can make the cake look beautiful and stylish, it’s going to make a huge impression. Firstly, this involves buying or baking a good-looking cake, but a large part of it is also the cake decorations for birthday events. Custom cake toppers Australia or personalised cake toppers can transform a cake and add that personal touch with a specialised birthday message or even a person’s name or relationship to you (e.g., Mum, Sister).
  • Consider cupcakes. Cup cakes are an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional birthday cake particularly at large events, where they can be quickly distributed, and often remove the need for a plate. The good news is you can still have custom cup cake toppers made up for your event!
  • Consider the room décor. How can you make the room lively and so it shares a personal message? Consider name hoops, script names, printed name hoops, and neon signs.

Arrange meaningful gifts for the special person

Has your friend or family member mentioned anything they would like? The answer to this might be yes, which makes your life easy; but if the answer is no, your choice doesn’t have to be hard! With Avanti Print’s gifts for around the house, you can help your friend to create a personalised, warm, cosy living space that really feels like their own.

Every person will have different taste, but some products you can consider include:

  • An acrylic photo print
  • A cushion with print
  • A personalised door mat
  • A puzzle with an image of your choice
  • A pine wood photo print
  • A printed keyring
  • A T-shirt or apron with a funny or personalised message
  • A serving board with a laser engraved message
  • A personalised wine box

All your personalised print and design needs

Avanti Print is Australian owned and operated, offers fast delivery, and is proud to specialise in customisation for its clients across its range of print and design products. We can also help with bridal shower name hoops, social distancing decals, and sneeze guards.

For more information on Avanti Print, browse our engraving and print online store.

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