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The Best Social Distancing Decals For Your Business

covid prevention decals


As most health officials agree, the coronavirus pandemic will remain in Australian society for many months to come. Therefore, it is essential that businesses, workplaces and corporations replace any temporary signage with permanentCOVID-19 decal.

Having informative coronavirus decal in your workplace will assist staff, clients, and customers to understand the specific regulations retaining to your shop or business. Ultimately, it will remind and encourage visitors to behave safely, and it will keep your company at lower risk of a potential outbreak. In turn, customers are likely to be satisfied and impressed by your commitment to reducing the spread, and you may have positive business outcomes as a result.

Some of the coronavirus signage you may need to have around your office/factory/shop includes: handwashing signs, reminders to social distance, arrows directing traffic, signs indicating the number of people allowed in one area or room, conditions of entry, and directions to hand sanitising stations. These can come in the form of posters, stickers, window decal or foot signs.


Things to remember when purchasing COVID-19 decal and social distancing signage

Although most business owners have been staying up to date with news, laws, and developments around the country, it can still be difficult to understand what COVID-19 decals you need to have and what exactly your COVID-19 signage needs to say. Below are some tips for designing your shop decals:

  • Ensure that the information on your signage is accurate and relevant. The team at Avanti Print can help you understand what information is most critical to be used in your decal.
  • Use graphics, not just words, to demonstrate your message. Images can help to draw attention and help people interpret the content.
  • Position the social distancing decal so that everybody entering the room/shop can easily see it. There is no point having a sign if it is hidden in a corner where people can’t read it.
  • Have your decals printed by a reliable print company in Australia. The decals need to be high quality and durable to ensure they will last the test of time.

With help from the Avanti Print team, you can have pre-made social distancing decals delivered to your business, or you can have custom-made signage drafted and printed with your specific requirements. We have COVID prevention decals, maximum capacity corflutes, and popular social distancing decal packs available for order through our website.


Other important COVID-19 tools for your office or shop

If you want to completely protect and safeguard your business during the coronavirus pandemic, there are other things you can do to ensure safety. This includes purchasing high quality sneeze guards and virus protection screens to act as a barrier between staff and customers.

At Avanti Print, we are proud to sell cheap sneeze screens that are strong and sturdy in the fight against airborne diseases. In fact, they are being recognised as some of the best sneeze guards in Australia. Get in touch with our team to find out more about our coronavirus social distancing decals, sneeze guards, and other tools for protecting your business against COVID-19.

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