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Top 10 Wedding Decorations in 2023

 Weddings, weddings, weddings! You can’t help but love them.

Many couples across Australia are planning for their upcoming weddings in summer 2023/24, which means they are starting to look at different types of decorations. It’s important that you order your custom wedding decorations well in advance of your big day to ensure they can be designed, printed and delivered in time. 

The expert team at Avanti Print have collated a list of the top ten must-have wedding decorations if you’re getting married this year. Check them out below! If you need more information or tips, contact Avanti Print today on or (02) 9729 0139.

1. Custom cake toppers Australia

If you didn’t have a cake, did you really have a wedding? We all know that wedding cakes are a must, but knowing how to decorate them can sometimes be a challenge. We recommend custom cake toppers for your wedding cake, to personalise the cake and impress your guests. Browse a wide range of personalised cake toppers on the Avanti Print website.

2. Custom cup cake toppers

If you’re opting for cupcakes instead of a traditional cake, then you still need a custom topper for each one. We’re experts when it comes to personalised cup cake toppers, and can work around any design ideas you bring to the table. You can choose to use your favourite colours, styles and graphics to match the overall theme of your wedding.

3. Script name plaques

Script name plaques are very in vogue right now, and certainly a top decoration to have at your wedding. They can add style and atmosphere to your wedding, which is exactly what you want to achieve from your decorations.

4. Sneeze guards

While it might not quite count as a decoration as such, a sneeze guard is definitely something to consider for your wedding day. Keeping your guests safe is super important given the world we live in. Social distancing decals are a good consideration too.

5. Name hoops

If a name plaque isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, then a name hoop might be the way to go. Customisable hoops are the perfect backdrop for a bridal table and can make your venue feel very special.

6. Flowers

Whether you’re going artificial or real, flowers are pretty much expected at every wedding. Minimalist bouquets are very in fashion right now.

7. Personalised menus and invitations

Custom printed menus can act as a decoration at your wedding, as they will liven up the tables if designed well.

8. Candles

If flowers aren’t enough to beautify your wedding tables, why not add some candles too? Fake ‘light’ candles might be better than a real flame, as they won’t cause any damage if accidentally knocked over.  

9. Balloons

If your wedding is going to be a family event, and you want children to feel a part of the fun, balloons can be an affordable way to go.

10. Banners

Further to the above, if you really need to save costs, a classic banner could be a great decoration to have on your wedding day.

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