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Top Five Wedding Decoration Ideas In 2019



Every year, new fads and trends take a hold of the wedding planning industry. Brides and grooms are continually seeking modern and innovative decorative inspiration to liven the mood of their wedding and impress guests.

In the second half of 2019, wedding planners are identifying a variety of new décor concepts that are becoming increasingly popular amongst engaged couples. In particular, some of the new wedding trends are related to wall signage. It is clear to event organisers across the globe that brides and grooms are seeking contemporary solutions for wall ornamentation.

Of all the looming wedding crazes, six distinctive décor items have been most successful at winding their way into weddings across Australia.

  1. Personalised name hoops

Metallic name hoops are becoming a suave addition to many weddings across Australia.  Essentially, name hoops are a round sign that has the bride and groom’s name inside of it. The name circle can be placed on walls or sometimes hung from the roof.

As many couples have discovered, when purchasing name hoops, it is vital that you source the sign from a trusted printing professional. Because most name hoops are large, they can become a significant feature that shapes the appearance of an entire room. Hence, shabby materials or tacky designs could detract heavily from the appeal of your wedding.

It is best to create your design and engage the sign printing with the most popular Australian printers and designers.

  1. Wedding seating plan signs

Long gone are the days of blu-tacking an ugly A4 piece of paper that explains where your guests must sit. Modern couples are opting for more fashionable ways to showcase their dining arrangements.

Wedding planners are embracing the necessity of seating plans and incorporating them into the wedding as an additional décor item. Stylish wedding seating plan signs, as long as they match the overall theme of your event, can enhance the appearance of your big day instead of detracting from it.

Large seating plans that have a glossy design and flowing fonts are being favoured by most wedding planners. Popular print companies in Australia will allow you to be a part of the design process, so that your ideas and needs can be incorporated into the sign.

  1. Customised cake toppers

Cakes are a vital, symbolic element for every wedding. Along with an elaborate cake, most brides and grooms purchase a cake topper to embellish the dessert. However, in the past, most cake toppers have been shoddy and tasteless.

In order to ensure their cake matches the wedding aesthetic, brides and grooms are now seeking metallic cake toppers that simply state their names underneath one another. It is a glamorous alternative to the out-dated cake topper figurines of a bride of a groom.

Cupcake toppers are another option if the soon-to-be married couple are opting for portioned desserts.

  1. Wedding name plaques

Signage at a wedding is important for both practical and decorative purposes. Plaques are an elegant and urbane way to incorporate signs into your event. The most popular name signs at weddings are metallic in colour and can be hung to walls or from roofs.

What most newlyweds love most about their name plaques is that they can keep the signage after the big day and use it as a memorable item in their home.

If purchasing your wedding decoration plaque from a reliable printer, the plaque will be durable and refined. During the design process, the best sign makers in Australia will make sure that your plaque is going to match the other colours and decorative items used in your wedding.

  1. Personalised cushions

Although pillows sound more like a home décor item, some wedding goers are discovering customised cushions can form part of their event decoration. The cushions are often placed on sofas or lounging areas that are separate to the main dining area of the wedding reception.

The personalised wedding cushions may have the married couple’s surname, or an inspirational quote that speaks volumes about their relationship. The innovative pillows are not only comfortable for guests, but they are a quirky talking point.

Just like plaques, cushions can become a treasured take-home item from the wedding decoration that continually reminds newlyweds of their special day.

… And they are booming beyond weddings.

Name hoops, seating plan signs, personalised cake toppers, name plaques, and personalised cushions are also being used at events other than weddings. These sophisticated and modern décor items are being purchased regularly as:

  • birthday party decorations
  • engagement party decorations
  • wedding anniversary decorative pieces
  • bridal shower décor
  • baby shower décor

The best printers offer all of these popular decorations as customisable products, so that they can be tailored to each specific event.

Avanti Print provide all of these print items, and more, in their online decoration store. To start designing your personalised product, you can get in touch today with one of their knowledgeable team members.


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