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What are sneeze screens and why does your business need them?

sneeze screens

sneeze screens

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 global crisis, many businesses and shops are purchasing sneeze screens to protect their employees and the general public. During times like these, it is vital that we all take measures to ensure we are stopping the spread of the virus.

For businesses and shopfronts that are customer-facing and involve face-to-face contact between staff and clients, introducing new tools and equipment into your business is important for dealing with this unprecedented crisis. Your business can continue to operate safely if you invest in quality sneeze screens for your store. Here’s some detailed information regarding sneeze screens and their impact.


What are sneeze screens?

Sneeze guards are a physical barrier between employees and customers to a business. They can also be referred to as bacteria barriers, sneeze guards, protective walls or transparent counter barriers.

Not only do sneeze guards have the practical features to enable complete protection for your staff, but they can also provide a highly professional aesthetic to your office or store. It is possible to purchase cheap sneeze screens online through print shops and some health stores.


How do sneeze screens work?

Sneeze screens are typically installed on a counter or desk, between where your customers and staff sit/stand. Because they create a physical wall between the two people, no bacteria or germs can pass through the barrier. It protects your employees from catching any viruses via entering customers.

Most sneeze guards will be delivered as a flat pack and require simple assembly. When purchasing one of the most popular sneeze guards, you should receive easy instructions with your order. After being installed, most protective guards can be easily cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes or alcohol-based disinfectant.


Where can you purchase a sneeze screen in Australia?

Before making any purchases, it is important that you investigate whether you are purchasing from a reputable print company in Australia. There is no point buying a sneeze screen if it is isn’t made with care and quality equipment. If you are getting a dodgy sneeze screen, you may as well have no screen at all!

Various Australian print and design companies are now offering sneeze guards as one of their products. Given the current pandemic in Australia, it is important that you communicate with the printers prior to ordering to ensure that they can deliver your screen quickly.

At Avanti Print, you can order your sneeze guards online through our digital print store. Our screens are handmade in Sydney and dispatch is guaranteed within 24 hours of ordering. We’ve fast-tracked our process so you can make your business or office super-safe as soon as possible.

We pride ourselves on offering some of the best quality protective guards in Australia. All our counter barriers are made from 100% cast acrylic and built with 6mm thickness, which is significantly better than the industry standard. The additional thickness ensures ultimate protection and durability whilst still maintaining great visibility.

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