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What Are the Best Decoration Ideas for Events in 2020?

decoration ideas 2020


So far this year, the event industry has been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many event planners and hosts have needed to postpone plans and re-schedule large scale events to help limit the spread of the virus throughout our country. Now that restrictions are beginning to lift in some places in Australia. Those who had previously planned a function or celebration are turning back to the drawing board to start thinking about how they can create a safe and enjoyable event for patrons.

Our print and design team understand that, in our changed world, a ‘new normal’ for events means balancing trendy and aesthetically pleasing decorations with necessary coronavirus signage and decals. Not only does our online print store stock the latest in event decorations, but we have new social distancing decals and sneeze guards to help keep your event safe.

Currently, some of the trendiest event decorations include:

  • Personalised cake toppers
  • Script name plaques
  • Bridal shower name hoops
  • Custom cake toppers Australia
  • Engagement party plaques
  • Neon event signs
  • Birthday banners and ribbons

As leaders in print and design, Avanti Print have a number of customisable event decorations available on our website. You can browse our online print store to see our extensive range. One of our most popular products is our custom cake toppers, which can be custom-made to suit your particular event type and theme.

Safety must always be a priority

If hosting an event in 2020, it is essential that you adhere to social distancing guidelines and abide by all rules set out by the local and federal Government. The circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic are continually evolving, so it is important that you stay up to date with the news and see whether there are any new rules that may impact your event.

In a previous blog, we have already discussed the need for coronavirus signage in businesses, offices, and factories. The value of COVID-19 decals and stickers for events is just as noteworthy.

When coordinating an event, it is important that you consider how social distancing decals and  sneeze guard Sydneymay be placed throughout your venue to ensure safety for all attendees. Informative signage will help remind guests of safe practices, while custom made sneeze guards will limit the spread of viruses by acting as a preventative barrier.

On our online store, you will notice several social distancing decals available for purchase, including covid prevention corflute signs, covid prevention decals, maximum capacity corflutes, maximum capacity decals, social distance corflute signs, and our popular social distancing decal pack.

A sneeze guard Australia may be necessary at your event if you are selling tickets at a booth or having face-to-face contact between staff and guests. The clear counter screens available on our website are easily installed and transported, which makes them ideal for temporary event setups and venues. Our custom sneeze guards could be beneficial if you need screens of specific dimensions to suit your particular counter or bench.


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