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What are the best modern cake toppers in Australia?



Cake toppers are the small decorative ornaments or models that sit on the top of a cake. Generally, toppers are associated with wedding cakes. The classic example of a wedding cake topper is a miniature model of the bride and groom in their formal wedding attire.

However, this standard cake topper model is outdated. Borrrrrinnnggg!

In recent years, wedding organisers have deemed cake toppers to be a thing of the past. Even the joke wedding cake toppers, where the bridge figurine has the groom on a leash, are an archaic gag.

As of late, cake toppers have been removed from event planners’ wedding decoration lists altogether. The standard topper design simply fails to meet the aesthetic standards of the rest of the wedding theme.

However, elegantly designed modern cake toppers are turning that concept on its head. It is official: cake toppers are back in fashion.

Not just for weddings, but also for birthdays, anniversaries and baby showers. These popular new decorations are ditching the olden-day aspects of a topper and bringing class and sophistication to cakes for all kinds of events.

Words rather than images.
Instead of having awkward miniature 3D figurines standing atop their cake, event organisers are opting for 3D words to decorate their dessert.

A short phrase or statement of two or three words can add meaning to a cake and allow it to be quickly associated with a certain event. Creative and thoughtful words can speak volumes about an individual or a couple.

Some of the most popular words on modern cake toppers includes:

  • Mr & Mrs cake topper for a wedding
  • Happy Birthday cake topper for a birthday
  • 50 years cake topper for an anniversary
  • Little miss cake topper for a baby shower
  • Congratulations cake topper for an engagement
  • Bride to be cake tipper for a bridal shower
  • Inspirational quote cake topper for any event

Customised rather than generic.
The best cake topper stores in Australia offer the ability to customise their products so they can perfectly match any event. In fact, personalised cake toppers are the most popular event decoration idea right now.

For couples getting married, customisation can mean the opportunity to have their own names on a cake topper. For other events, it means ultimate flexibility and creativity can be applied to their cake topper. This includes choice of colours, sizes and fonts as well as what exact wording is desired.

Delicate rather than overpowering.
The old-fashioned cake topper figures were a bold and heavy decoration. (That’s our nicer way of saying bloody ugly) Instead of focusing on the beauty of the overall cake, guests’ attention was drawn to the overbearing topper.

Generally, weddings and celebrations in the current era have a more neat and dainty appeal. To match the softer mood, cake toppers must be of sophisticated colours and flowing fonts.

Most wedding planners will agree that the most popular wedding cake toppers currently are gold or silver in colour. They usually have a smooth and curvy font.

Circular ring cake toppers are becoming particular trendy for birthday party cakes. For young children’s birthdays, colourful name toppers with balloons are an innovative way to liven the dessert.

Keepsake rather than edible.
In the past, edible dessert decorations have been popular because of their practical nature. However, it is not a secret that these old-school edible toppers are not very appetising. In fact, they’re kinda gross. Let’s be real. Most edible decorations are made of colours and sugars, and their overly sweet taste can actually detract from the rest of the cake.

Hence, the best cake toppers in 2019 are leaving the edible aspect as a notion of history. Many popular cake toppers are now made of plastic or metal so that they can look stunning and stand strong.

Metal cake toppers can also be retained as a keepsake item after the event is complete. Brides and grooms may choose to use their cake topper as a home decoration or an item to reminisce over at each anniversary.

Quality, quality, quality.
Most notably, contemporary cake toppers are made of sturdy and reliable materials. Most professional printers will use Perspex, which is a safe and long lasting material option.

A good cake topper provider will take pride in the creation of their products. They will also include you in the designing and building phases by listening to your desires and requirements.

When purchasing a cake topper for an event in Australia, it is best to work alongside an Australian based print and design service. They will make sure your cake is fab, rather than drab.

At Avanti Print, no job is too big or too small. We want to hear your unique vision and assist in bringing it to life. We are a trusted decoration brand, specialising in customised décor and cake toppers.

Browse our online shop for inspiration, or contact us for a personalised cake topper quote today.

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