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What decorations are needed for a wedding?

wedding decorations

wedding decorations

Although the busy Spring/Summer wedding season has just passed, the season of wedding planning is never-ending. In fact, most brides and grooms will choose to plan their wedding in the upcoming cooler months in preparation for their big day.

If you are currently planning for a wedding, you are probably feeling the stress tug at you from every angle. Wedding anxiety is very normal, and most engaged couples go through the same pre-wedding difficulties. There are, after all, so many decisions that need to be made in the lead up to the event: the venue, the dress, the bridal party outfits, the wedding cake, the wedding day schedule, the photographer, and more.

Weddings & Bridal decorations are another major decision that need to be chosen by the soon-to-be-wed couple. Often, the choice of wedding décor can be one of the more stressful parts of wedding planning. Most couples agree that there are so many versatile options for wedding décor, making it extremely challenging to know what decorations are going to be best.

Additionally, wedding decoration trends are continually evolving and it can be tricky to keep up. Ultimately, every wedding is different, and it is up to the bride and groom as to how they want their special occasion to look and feel. As professional printers in Australia, we have assisted hundreds of loved-up couples to create the wedding of their dreams. The Avanti Print team not only provides wholesale wedding décor, but also individual orders for clients.

What is going to suit your venue?

Before ordering any decorations, you should consult with your venue to see what they will already be providing. There is no point purchasing flowers if the venue will already have flowers for you. Equally, there is no value in purchasing signage if the venue already has plans to create personalised wedding signage for you.

Once you have a clear understanding of what items the wedding venue will provide, you can begin to assess the venue area and decide what spaces need to be filled. It is usually beneficial to visit the venue itself and visually imagine where you would like certain furnishings to be positioned.

We recommend not going overboard with decorations, as this may result in the event space becoming cluttered. It will also draw attention away from each specific decorative item and attendees will not be sure where to direct their eyes. Keep in mind that empty spaces will be filled with guests as well as your décor.

Common and popular weddings & bridal decorations may include:

  • Flower garlands or flower walls
  • Printed wedding signs
  • Personalised neon signs
  • Bridal table decorations, including flowers and ornaments
  • Wedding seating plan boards and signs
  • Seat covers
  • Table runners
  • Dessert tables and cake stands
  • Photo backdrops
  • Room lighting

Don’t forget little touches.

When thinking of wedding décor, most couples will spend majority of their time dwelling on large decorations like signage or wall features. However, it is often the smaller pieces of décor that can make a world of difference. Over the proceedings of the event, the guests will have the time to pick up on small memorable pieces of décor that may be scattered across tables or placed in desserts. Smaller pieces of printed wedding décor can also be keepsakes for your guests or yourself.

Small decorative items that you may like to consider for your wedding include:

Get in touch with a wedding planner or decorating professional.

While wedding planning can be overwhelming, you shouldn’t need to lose sleep over it. When the event coordination is becoming too much to handle, consider asking your friends and family for help. Their input and support can feel like a weight is being lifted off your shoulders.

Alternatively, you could engage with a trained wedding planner to assist. They may know specialised wholesale wedding decorators, like Avanti Print, that have knowledge in how to customise wedding decorations to suit your needs. Working with a wholesale printer can also result in lower prices for your wedding décor. Some wedding decorations can be handmade by yourself, though most couples would prefer for a best printing company to do the hard work for them and ensure every item is going to be of high quality.

At Avanti Print, our expert team of printers and wedding designers have extensive experience in event décor. If you are feeling particularly lost, we would be happy to offer you some suggestions on our most popular wedding signage and wedding furnishings. All of our printed designs are made from scratch to meet your order, so there is opportunity for you to personalise every piece of décor that is purchased with us.




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