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Where are the best wholesale event decorations?




Professional event coordinators and Public Relations teams are always on the hunt for a reliable, efficient and committed printing team to assist with the creation of wondrous events.

The most popular wholesale sign makers and designers in Australia are all particularly renowned for their excellent customer service and modern products. Avanti Print is a favoured wholesale printer in the community, and the below features of our business explain why.


An understanding of you and your needs.

If you are an event planner or event coordinator, it is likely that you have very specific (and awesome) concepts in your mind, as well as a thorough idea of what your client requires. Similarly, public relations companies and marketing teams know exactly what they want and exactly what their client wants. The combination of these two things are what make all of your events brilliant, after all.

We get it! Having worked with many event planners and organisers in the past, we understand how your creative mind operates and the standards you require. At Avanti Print, we listen to your unique desires and ensure that every one of your checkpoints can be ticked (even if your long list of requirements reaches to China).

As well as incorporating you in the design phase, we will also work with you to meet your specific event deadlines and ensure that your products are delivered with ample time to spare. Our experience working with very particular and thorough event coordinators means we know exactly how to satisfy you.


Everything from signs to lights.

Our team of professional printers can develop an extensive range of products to suit your needs. Some of our most popular wholesale event products include: name hoops, neon signs, cake toppers, invitations, cheeseboards, printed letters, letter lights, number lights, wall signs, cupcake toppers, and door mats.

If your innovative brain is buzzing with something new that cannot be found on our website, you are more than welcome to enquire with our team so we can discuss the possibility of your new idea. As dedicated wholesale printers in Australia, we have seen many bold décor ideas come to life.


Any event is possible.

Avanti Print can provide event signage and decorations for a range of events. We are particular recognised for our wholesale wedding signage, home and lifestyle décor, wholesale birthday party décor, wholesale engagement party signs, religious decorations, wholesale bride to be decorations, bridal décor, and more.

We are confident that our broad range of products can be tailored to suit any event type, whether it is a class year reunion, a birthday celebration, or a business launch party.


Specialising in modern event décor.

Out with the old and in with the new! As an event planner, PR representative or marketing manager, you will understand that event trends are continually changing. The styles that you admired two years ago will not be anything like the styles you are choosing to run with today.

The team at Avanti Print endeavour to stay ahead of the trends and continually provide you with the most modern event decorations in Australia. We were one of the first companies in the country to begin creating wholesale name hoops, wholesale event signage and wholesale engraved products. By offering the latest products to waltz into the event industry, we can assist you to create the best events possible.


Totally customisable.

As an Australian owned and operated company, we proudly make all of our products in our own factory with an experienced team of printers and designers. Because every item is made from scratch and taken through a complete design/print process, we have the ability to customise every product.

Our personalised event products are available for wholesale purchases, and it is one of the main reasons we are one of the best wholesale sign printers in Australia.


Real people who want the best outcomes for you.

As soon as the word wholesale comes about, so do the words automated, bulk and procession.

Just because you are ordering in large quantities or on a regular basis, it does not mean that the quality of each individual item should be sacrificed. At Avanti Print, our team takes every order and product seriously.

When ordering with us, you will also have opportunity to speak to real, human staff workers who can listen to your unique requests and incorporate them into your order. There is nothing automated or robotic about our service to you – we intend on providing a very personal and tailored print experience for every event planner that decides to work with us.

When it comes to wholesale event styling and decorations, our focus is on quality, timeliness and accuracy. We love building long-lasting relationships with event planners across Australia so they can feel comfortable and assured when continuing to return for our services.

If you are interested in our wholesale event products, you can contact one of our team members for more information.

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