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Where can you buy personalised neon signs?




When most people think of neon lighting, their minds automatically picture old-school American diners or traditional high school discos. However, those outdated thoughts of neon signs are about to change.

A modern version of neon signage is creeping its way onto the Australian market and attracting much popularity. Neon lights are no longer a concept of the past. In fact, they are the way of the future for party décor and event signage.

Modern neon signs are an artistically tasteful way to bedazzle your party and bring some style into your event’s atmosphere. Although they take inspiration from a retro concept, they are 100% suitable and sophisticated for a 21st century occasion. Contemporary neon signs are the ideal way to impress your guests.

What are custom neon signs?

What could possibly be any better than a neon sign? A custom neon sign, of course.

The best sign makers and designers won’t just send you a pre-made sign from their warehouse. They will take the time and effort to create a personalised sign that suits the specific details of your party or occasion. The ability to customise means you can essentially have any words or numbers on your neon sign.

Rather than having a generic piece of décor, you will have something unique to your occasion. Some of the most popular neon signs in Australia include:

  • 21 birthday neon sign
  • 40 birthday neon sign
  • Happy anniversary neon sign
  • Personalised name neon sign
  • Baby shower custom neon sign
  • Neon signs for weddings
  • Neon wall sign with a quote

For the best functionality, neon signs typically need to be plugged into a power point or hard-wired by a licensed electrician. It is safer to use neon signs indoors, rather than exposing them to unpredictable weather systems. At Avanti Prints, we build our neon signs to suit a standard Australian power point.

Should you have a neon sign at a party?

Regardless of whether you are hosting a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, baptism party or bridal shower, a classy neon sign can become a focal décor point at the celebration.

Personalised signage has become a very popular decorative item for parties in recent years. Almost all events will have a customised sign which is positioned in the main event area.

When guests of the event take images, the sign will hopefully feature in the background and act as a reminder of what the event was. A custom-made sign can additionally become a precious keepsake item for the person hosting the event. As an example, most newlyweds will choose to re-hang their wedding décor in their home to reminisce on the big day.

Undeniably, the best custom-made signs are not clunky in their appearance. Event planners are continually opting for elegant signs that have flowy and refined fonts. Neon signs can have greater effect during night-time events, whereas metallic or wooden signs could appear more subtle during the day.

When choosing the size of your custom wall sign, you should consider where you will be hanging the sign and what your budget is. Typically, a larger sign will cost more. Different materials will also have varying prices. In addition to neon signs, some event organisers will contemplate the use of printed name hoops or customised name plaques.

The best neon sign companies.

The last thing you want is for your neon sign to start malfunctioning during your special event. Can you imagine the neon lights blinking awkwardly in the background while you are making a speech or cutting a cake?

The only scenario worse than the one just described would be receiving your personalised neon lights in the mail and there is a typo in the wording. Instead of turning 21, you might be turning 12. Uhh… talk about tacky 101.

Although neon signs can be the solution for brightening and livening your event, a dodgy neon sign could end up being detrimental to your desired aesthetic. Dealing with a questionable sign business is not worth the associated risk.

If you are looking for trustworthy and reputable neon sign makers in Australia, we could be the best team to help you. Our decades of experience in personalised décor means that we know how to produce the most effective, stylish and reliable neon lights.

Top quality neon signage does not need to cost the Earth. Thankfully, we offer our personalised neon signs for competitive prices. For cheap custom-made neon signs, you don’t have to look any further than Avanti Prints. We pride ourselves on creating lightweight neon signs that are highly affordable and simple to hang.

When you engage with us to create a neon sign, you will have the chance to choose your size, text, font and colour. To browse our full sign range or make an enquiry, browse our online print store.