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Where to Buy a Personalised Serving Board


Where-to-buy-a-personalised-serving-boardAre you looking for the best online store to buy a personalised serving board as a present? Here at Avanti Print, our Australian online custom design and print store can produce timber serving boards in various shapes and sizes that are engraved with a personalised message. Read on for more information on serving boards and to decide where to buy.

 Reasons why personalised serving boards make good gifts

Personalised serving boards make the best gifts because:

  • The fastest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Food is an essential ingredient in bringing people together. When we break bread together, we develop trust and form stronger connections – so any gift that encourages this process is bound to a winner!
  • Personalised serving boards have a deeper meaning. With personalisation, you are able to add your own flair to the gift that you just can’t get with a regular mass-produced store-bought gift. You can choose a reference that is funny, that’s touching, or that brings back a fond memory or rekindles an ‘inside’ joke.
  • Because timber is a nice touch within the kitchen. Timber is warm and homely, and a nice contrast to metal or plastic which may be found in kitchens. It can add to the vibe of an event, making it classy and sophisticated, and encourage people to sample the foods that are on offer.

Inspiration for custom serving boards

Here are just a few ideas for your custom serving board:

  • A board that says ‘Eat, Drink & Be Merry’ to help you celebrate those festive occasions and reinforce the connections between food and fun.
  • ‘Christmas with the _____’ with your family name inserted
  • ‘Dad’s BBQ’ to let your dad know he is the king of the tongs
  • ‘Happy Father’s Day’ serving board – to remind your dad that you remembered him with a meaningful gift that recognised his important role in your life
  • ‘King of the Kitchen’ – for someone who rates themselves as a great chef!
  • ‘______ Kitchen’ with the gift recipient’s name inserted, such as ‘Sally’s kitchen’
  • A fully custom design with text of your choosing

All of these ideas can be purchased through the Avanti Print online store!

How else can you make a person’s birthday special?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a special birthday event for your friends and family. However, a lot of these ideas relate back to personalisation and custom gifts. Ask yourself, how can you make the event special and unique to them?

Perhaps the perfect solution for your birthday events will be personalised cake toppers or custom cake toppers? Or if they’re more of a fan of cupcakes, then why not try custom cupcake toppers? For the best provider of cake toppers Australia, script name plaques, and bridal shower name hoops, look no further than Avanti Print – your local expert in custom print products!

Ordering a personalised serving board

Browse our online store or contact our team on or (02) 9729 0139 for more inspiration or to place an order.

We can also assist with social distancing decals and sneeze guards for businesses.

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