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Where to find a personalised cake topper in Australia

Personalised Cake Toppers
Personalised Cake Toppers

Fact: everybody loves to eat cake.

Chocolate cake, rainbow cake, cheesecake, who cares? Cake is cake!

Cakes form the centre piece of many milestone life events. When there is cake, it signifies something momentous is occurring. No, we do not mean the significant pool of drool forming in your mouth. We mean there is a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or some other noteworthy occasion taking place.

Nowadays, cakes do not merely serve the purpose of making stomachs full. They act as a decorative piece within a greater event theme. Stylish cake decorating is more important than ever for impressing and exciting guests.

The Instagram cake war is well and alive. Take a look at hashtags such as #cakeboss or #cakecakecake if you do not believe us.

Bottom line: if the cake ain’t Instagram-worthy, then what is the point?

Hundreds of party stores are now offering cake decorations to customers. However, event planners are seeking more than just a generic ribbon or candle to highlight their desserts. Consumers want fully fledged, stand-out, dazzling cake toppers that truly make an impact.


The key is personalisation.

A customised cake topper will allow your cake to stand out amongst others and become a memorable ornament for your occasion.

When purchasing your cake topper, consider:

  • Does the cake topper match your event theme?
    Think about the colours and fonts that are being used for other decorations at your event. The perfect cake topper will balance the need to blend in with the need to stand out.
  • Is the cake topper within your budget?
    While a cake topper may only be a small item, some companies can charge a hefty number for some sparkle and pizazz. A cheap cake topper will ensure that you are not breaking the budget and you can savour some money for other vital decorations.
  • Do you trust the cake topper company?
    If your event decorations arrive late or not as requested, there may be some pre-event chaos and disappointment. Always choose to purchase with a reputable and popular cake topper business in Australia.

To find a modern cake topper in Sydney or greater Australia, you need to look beyond the local party store and find a cake topper specialist.


Avanti Prints is the answer.

As experts in the field of personalised signage and decorations, Avanti Prints are the most respected and trusted cake topper designers in New South Wales.

Avanti Prints can create:

  • Wedding cake toppers
  • Birthday cake toppers
  • Anniversary cake toppers
  • Business function cake toppers
  • Bridal shower cake toppers / Bride to be cake toppers
  • Baptism cake toppers
  • Baby shower cake toppers
  • Party cake toppers

You tell us the event, and we can create a unique design that suits your requirements. Our contemporary cake accessories are dainty, but durable.

The stylish, yet simple, design of our custom-made cake toppers ensures that the feature does not detract from the overall exterior of the dessert. Instead, it enhances the appearance and provides an unforgettable personal touch.

Avanti Prints can also provide cupcake toppers or tart toppers, depending on your specific needs.

We are local, Australian signage providers who can offer worldwide shipping to serve customers around the globe.


Get motivated.

Seeking some cake topper inspiration before purchasing your cake topper will kick start your creative juices and give you a greater idea of what to buy.

We suggest searching Etsy cake toppers or Ebay cake toppers for some insight into possible wording choices and colour themes. However, be wary that local, handmade cake topper businesses will always offer more trustworthy service than big companies.

To short track the process, it is a good idea to browse through the budget cake accessory options available at Avanti Print’s online cake topper store.

With us, you can either choose a pre-designed topper option or get in touch to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind personalised dessert topper.

Our process is simple:

  1. Email us with your desired size, colour, print and design choices.
    Provide our team with as much insight as you like, and we can create a design that suits you. Alternatively, you can ask us to apply some creative freedom.
  2. We will respond with a cake topper quote and tailored sketch.
    You may then communicate with us about any adjustments to the outline.
    Each quote will include a cheap shipping fee and the option for express shipping.
  3. Our experienced team will create your cake topper in-house.
    Each item is crafted with care, using our quality machinery.
  4. You will receive your item in the mail.
    We intend on providing fast cake topper delivery Australia-wide. Excluding during busy periods, your topper will be dispatched within two working days.
    If you prefer, you can pick up your product at our Smithfield custom cake topper factory.

For more information, contact our team at We look forward to business with you.

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