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Where to Find the Best Custom Sneeze Guard Australia



Custom sneeze guards are more important than ever before! It’s essential to have your workplace fitted out in a way that protects your staff and visitors, and ensures you’re prepared for anything.

At Avanti Print, we design custom sneeze guards that are sturdy and durable. We are also specialists in a range of print and design services, including custom cake toppers Australia, personalised cake toppers, script name plaques, social distancing decals and bridal shower name hoops.

Our sneeze guards are extremely popular, as we can design them to suit any type of building or workspace. We offer acrylic guards and acrylic partitions which are both transparent, allowing you to converse as per usual but be protected against virus transmission.

We are proud to offer competitive prices on our sneeze guards, which is one of the key reasons they are so popular. If purchasing sneeze guards in bulk, buying through Avanti Print will ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck. If you browse the Avanti Print website, you will also see that we can offer Afterpay services and quick delivery on any sneeze guard items.

Replacing your custom sneeze guard Australia

Replacing your sneeze guards might not be something that has sprung into your mind, but it’s an important thing to do every now and then. Tacky or old sneeze guards, or those that are not fit for purpose, might be less effective or bring down the appearance of your room. Now that we can all see we will be needing sneeze guards well into the future, people who originally purchased their sneeze guards at a low quality may be wanting to replace their guard to a sturdier, higher-quality acrylic guard.

If you purchased a custom sneeze guard way back at the beginning of the pandemic, it might be time to get a new one. Perhaps the arrangements of your counter or desk have slightly changed and you could benefit from a different sized sneeze guard, or you might have scratched your guard over time and made it more difficult to see through. Either way, the friendly team at Avanti Print can assist with replacement sneeze guards to meet your needs.

Maintaining your custom sneeze guard Australia

It’s important to maintain your sneeze guard so it can last the test of time. This includes installing it properly, regularly cleaning it and avoiding any contact with sharp or scratchy materials. Cleaning can be done with standard glass cleaner spray and a clean cloth.

Should you ever want to create a gap or hole in your sneeze guard, it’s important that you don’t attempt to do this on your own. Cutting the guard might cause it to snap or crack, which would render the entire guard unusable.

Our sneeze guards can come equipped with gaps for customer service needs, such as to pass money or a payment machine underneath the acrylic barrier. Just let us know what sort of customisation you need for your sneeze guard, and we can make it happen.

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