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Why name plaques are the hottest decor item right now

Script Name Plaques
Script Name Plaques

If you have fallen far behind in the decorating game, you may be questioning what a name plaque is.

There is never a better time than now to catch up on decoration vogues.

Name signs are becoming progressively more common in Australian households and bedrooms. Cheap name plaques are beginning to appear in department stores, while higher quality name plaques are featuring in prestigious décor magazines.

In particular, personalised name plaques are one of the most popular home decoration items and highly sought-after birthday gifts in Australia. Their customisable nature and artistic style ensures that they feature as a striking décor item in any home or at any event.

Depending on how they are designed and crafted, name signs can be hung on walls or stood upright on flat surfaces. Customised wall plaques can come in a variety of materials, including wooden plaques and metal plaques.

In 2019, trendsetters are opting for metallic signs with contemporary, flowy fonts.


Name plaques for home decorations

Stylish mummas and pappas around Australia are sourcing name plaques to embroider their children’s bedrooms. Custom-made signs and personalised wall hangings are the ultimate way to add a creative, personal touch to any bedroom. They provide a homely vibe and give children a sense of proprietorship.

When many parents purchase name plaques for their kid’s bedrooms, they discover that it is beneficial to include their children in the design process. Choosing colours, sizes and fonts allows the child to feel responsible and express their creativity. The name sign can then feature as their own work of art in their bedroom.

As well as being a modern idea for children’s bedroom décor, message plaques can be a useful item for decorating an adult bedroom or living space.

Name and message signs are commonly featured above bedheads, in foyers and hallways, above fireplaces, and on kitchen walls.


Name plaques for parties and events

To embellish their events, many party planners are opting for stylish name plaques to feature at their parties. The signs make the perfect photo backdrop and ultimately become a treasurable keepsake.

Furthermore, name plaques can easily match other event decorations to create a comprehensive, synonymous event theme.

Your customised name sign may useful as:

  • A baby shower sign: it’s a boy plaque or it’s a girl plaque.
  • A decorative wedding sign: mr and mrs plaque or your surname on a plaque.
  • A birthday party sign: your name on a plaque or birthday number on a plaque.
  • An anniversary sign: happy anniversary plaque or congratulations plaque.
  • A bridal shower sign: bride to be plaque or groom to be plaque.

Regardless of your event, name plaques are often considered to be a cheap party decoration that turns an event from generic to bespoke.


Name plaques as a gift

If you are looking for inspirational gift ideas, a name plaque may be an option to consider. Particularly for children, name plaques are a creative and unique birthday gift idea.

A personalised name plaque is undoubtedly a thoughtful gift. To show your consideration, you may like to choose a design that matches the receiver’s favourite colours and styles. Alternatively, you may opt for a plaque that displays a message which speaks volumes about that person.

As a go-to provider of quality name plaques in Sydney, Avanti Prints receive a variety of requests for motivational plaque messages:

  • I love you
  • Welcome to our home
  • Be courageous
  • Bless this home

A meaningful quote sign will be an unforgettable and useful present, and working with a local personalised plaque company means you can tailor your sign to suit the gift recipient.


Finding personalised name plaques in Australia

When searching for a home décor signage business in Australia, look no further than Avanti Prints. As a reputable print and design company in Sydney, we have assisted thousands of customers and provided them with custom-made name plaques.

It is the mission of Avanti Prints to provide quality products and unparalleled service to our valued customers. When engaging with our team, you will quickly discover that our focus is to satisfy your needs. As well as offering quick worldwide shipping, we can provide express post options.

If you have a specific message or name that you would like on your plaque, simply mention this when you contact our staff. We will happily generate a design that matches your requests and specifications.

The process of ordering your name plaque with us is seamless:

  1. Browse our products online for modern home décor inspiration.
  2. Get in touch with our team and outline your ideas and needs.
  3. We will come back to with a free quote for your made-to-order decoration.
  4. Once approved, we can create your name plaque and deliver it to your home. Products are usually dispatched within two business days.

For more information, contact our friendly team today by emailing us at

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