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Why you should never DIY your wedding seating plan sign

wedding seating plan sign
wedding seating plan sign

Weddings can be seriously expensive. No matter how simplistic your plans are, the expenses can rapidly and frighteningly add up.

As well as prices being generally on the rise, expectations for weddings are sky-rocketing out of proportion. Guests demand to be impressed, and the soon-to-be-wed often feel the penny pinch.

Hence, it is understandable why many brides and grooms attempt to DIY some aspects of their big day. This includes DIY wedding signage, DIY wedding decorations and DIY wedding cakes and desserts.

While we appreciate the need to be spend-savvy, there is one DIY wedding project we cannot live with: making your own seating plan sign.

Here are five reasons we think you should hand the creation of your wedding table arrangement sign to a professional.


  1. Purchasing the materials yourself can be expensive.

Consider the fact that you will need to purchase: pens, the board, and a stand.

Professional sign makers have the ability to purchase these materials in bulk, so they are much cheaper and are only ever sourced from reputable wholesalers.


  1. A little mistake can result in starting from scratch.

It is likely that you will be using permanent pens so that the writing does not smudge on the wedding day. If you make one little error in someone’s name, it is not as easy as erasing the text. Costs will double if you need to begin again.

An experienced sign maker will use quality machines to produce the sign, so the writing can be proofed before production.


  1. You can find cheap wedding signage options online.

If you are struggling to find a budget wedding decorator in Australia, you are not looking hard enough.

As a local print and design business creating made-to-order products, Avanti Prints can offer smaller rates than most wedding decoration companies. Get in touch with our team today and we can provide a free quote for your wedding decorative needs.


  1. It is a longwinded process to make a seating sign.

Writing out a sign for a wedding seating plan arrangement can be a meticulous and exhausting task.

As a bride or groom, there are other important things you should be spending your time deliberating. Handing this lengthy task onto a signage expert ensures that your worries can be better spend on something else.


  1. A professional can probe you on questions you may otherwise forget.

When developing a sign on your own, will you be considering all important factors? Are you sure the size of the sign will fit your designated area for it? Will the colours you choose be readable by all guests? Will the sign be strong if accidentally knocked by guests?

Experienced sign printers will be aware of these considerations and prompt you to reflect upon these during the design process.


  1. Of all items, you want this to be the least

Your custom seating arrangement sign is the first wedding decoration that guests will see when they enter your reception. First impressions last a lifetime, so make sure this item appears as stylish and professional as possible.

By collaborating with a renowned sign maker, you can rest assured that the design will be readable, fashionable and memorable (in a good way!)



The rule of thumb goes beyond weddings

Customised seating plans are not only a popular item for weddings, but also for business functions and formal occasions.

Personalised seating signs for corporate events must be crafted with the upmost knowledge and superior materials. In a professional setting, quality is expected to be at a continually high standard. Therefore, a professionally-made custom seating board is vital.


Making sure the sign company is reliable

If you are going to be placing trust in an external party for your seating plan, it is important that you do not engage with any dodgy businesses. Slow production or incorrect wording on your seating plan can be detrimental.

Avanti Prints are gradually becoming recognised as the top sign designers and printers in Sydney. Our focus on customer service and exceptional products is a key to our success.

When purchasing a seating plan sign with Avanti Prints, you will be able to have input into a number of crucial decisions:

  • What colour and font you would prefer your sign to be made in?
    We can tailor your sign to suit the overall theme of your wedding or event.
  • What size your sign should be?
    You should consider the available space and surrounding objects to determine a suitable size.
  • What words should feature on your sign?
    If you would like specific dates or text to feature on your sign, we will customise your design to incorporate this.

With our knowledgeable team, you can be certain that your personalised table arrangement board will amaze onlooking guests. As part of our service, we also offer quick delivery on wedding decorations and the option for express posting.

To discover more of our product offerings and receive a free quote, browse our site or contact us today.

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