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6 Unique Gifts for Birthdays, Weddings and Event Hosts


What do you buy for the person who has everything? Gift giving can be extremely difficult when you genuinely want to impress your loved one but don’t have any ideas of what to buy them.

We believe that the secret to gifting is to personalise each gift. If you really want to make an impression and gift an item that has meaning and significance to your loved one, you should consider customised presents that are tailored to the person you are gifting to.

At Avanti Print, we can create a range of personalised gifts that are perfect for gifting at birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, religious events, and more. To help you get some gifting inspiration, we have listed six unique gifts below that you might want to consider for your family and friends.

  1. Premium personalised door mats.

When you went to loved one’s house, did you notice a door mat? If you didn’t see one or the one you did see was old-fashioned and outdated, you might like to surprise your friend or family member with a personalised door mat as a gift. The Avanti Print team can customise any door mat so it sends a special message to your loved one. It’s a thoughtful and practical household gift!

  1. Cup cakes with personalised cup cake toppers.

Homemade cup cakes are the perfect gift for any dessert lover. To go above and beyond with your dessert gift, you might like to arrange personalised cupcake toppers to style each individual cupcake. Custom cake toppers Australia are continually rising in popularity, and we make them from scratch at Avanti Print.

  1. A cake with a personalised cake topper.

We couldn’t mention cup cake toppers without also suggesting cake toppers Australia! We can personalise any cake topper to match your exact requests. Chat to our team about what we can do with a custom cake topper today. Personalised cake toppers can alternatively be used as a gift hamper decoration or table setting decoration.

  1. Personalised printed keyring.

Everybody has a set of keys, so gifting a personalised keyring is highly appropriate! You can customise your key ring with a meaningful photo or message.

  1. Custom timber serving boards.

If your loved one likes to entertain with platters and spreads, a personalised timber serving board is an ideal gift for them. Take a look at the range of small and large timber serving boards available in our online print store.

  1. A customised name hoop.

Surprise your loved one with an eccentric name hoop! With all the essential coronavirus measures now necessary at most events, like sneeze guards and social distancing decals, some event hosts are forgetting the importance of quality event decorations. Do your loved ones a favour by helping them to design and customise their own personalised name hoop decorations. At Avanti Print, we specialise in bridal shower name hoops, wedding name hoops, script name plaques and birthday name hoops.

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